NANOWRIMO 2010 starts tomorrow!

NANOWRIMO 2010 starts tomorrow and I am committing to it. I had read about this writing frenzy about a year ago, and considered joining the fun. But November is a horrendously busy month for me in any given year. It’s exams for the girls which means less tea and more chores for me – cos I’m a nice mom and I give them time off for study.

It’s also birthday month for Daughter #2 so there’s planning and baking and the whole drama that accompanied anything associated with birthdays and sleepovers.

And is Festival of lights time so theres sweets to be made and given and eaten. So I am bussyyy!!.

So the wrong month for NANO! But I have committed. My friend and Crit partner encouraged/bullied/prodded/urged me into it and I am grateful! Thanks EagleEyes.

In the next few weeks I will blog about my preparation process and how I managed to chart out my novel before NANO.

How is everyone else going with NANO?


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  1. last_lines says:

    Woohoo!! Inklings had a FANTASTIC start to NaNoWriMo!! Glad to see the bullying/prodding/encouraging/urging worked. Your crit partner sounds like a smart cookie 😉
    Seriously so proud of you! Truly you are an inspiration to do NaNoWriMo with so much else on your very full plate. Along with all the other writing you are doing too! I salute you and bow to you my dear friend.
    Bring on Day 2!
    Hugs *


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