Writing Equals Passion

I know, I promised to blog once a week and already I’ve broken my promise. Nanowrimo has me in its clutches. Yes I admit I am a Nano Convert.

It’s NANO-day 11 and I have clocked 31000 words (probably more by the time my clock chimes midnight). It’s been everything I thought it would be : tiring, lonely, difficult, frustrating… But never once have I been tempted to throw in the towel.

I’d done my story arcs weeks before NANo started, been ready for ages waiting for 1 Nov to come a long. And I fought a strange battle I am calling the War of the 2 novels. – I shall blog about this later.

Now that I am one-third into the novel I am loving it. It’s much like watching a movie and having no idea what’s going to happen next. My characters are surprising me. I don’t need to think of throwing a curveball – the MS is doing that itself.

Just today, a secondary character popped up and caused the plot to take a new direction. A good direction too so you won’t hear me complaining. So I guess I can say I am happy.

Because NANO is pulling forth this novel that’s been brewing inside me for the last year.

Because NANO has made me realise I can churn out the words to a deadline. On a good non-NANO day I usually manage 1000 to 2000 words. But for the last 11 days I’ve been hitting 3000 to 3500 words a day.

Because I now appreciate the value of preparing, plotting, arcing and researching before writing the first word.

Because I now know I AM A WRITER- and will always be a writer whether I am published or not. I have found my passion. I am living my dream.

I had the strangest experience today, probably affirming my current inability to admit to the general public that I am a writer. I promise I am getting over this but today has reminded why I have been hesitant to share my dream before.

I confided in a colleague at my day-job that I am a writer. His reply was and enigmatic “Well nothing surprises me anymore.”

So what the heck is that supposed to mean? Does he think I am such a loser as to not be capable of being a writer? Or does he think writers are bunch of losers? Now, needless to say I bit my tongue for its carelessness in baring my soul.

But I realised something else – Nothing will ever change the fact that I write. Some people will support me. Some will scoff and some will even criticise and put me down.

But a writer writes through the good times and the bad, through criticisms and through praise, through poverty and riches.

So I shall be writing – passionately for Nano and then every day after that…. always.

How do you feel about letting the world know you write? Have you ever had an experience with a negative or un-supportive reaction? Do you much prefer your writer friends than non-writers?


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  1. last_lines says:

    Yay! Congratulations Writer! I capitilised that because You Are A Writer. So glad you are enjoying NaNoWriMo….it is addictive and like any addiction gets its hooks into you before you know it. Woohoo!! Hit over 30k! Fantastic! Great Post my friend! May the Muse continue to inspire you…


  2. TG:
    Keep the faith and fly forward! You already sound very strong. Catherine
    PS-if you want to check out my blog, I’m at http://www.catherinestine.blogspot.com
    I talk about writing, books, and marketing aspects.


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