Nano Warrior!

I guess I will have to concede that NANOWRIMO took precedence over my blogging, but we all know thats not a really good excuse anyway. So lets pretend this is last weeks blog- promise to be more consistent….

On Day 18 of NANO I reached 50,450 words and technically completed my first NANO. Not that I am done. Not by a long shot. I am aiming for around 80k. I do believe 80k is a good point to aim to give me the full flesh and bones of my WIP ready for its first polish…

At this moment my yWriter confirms I have a total of 52500 words in my current project. So I have 27500 words to go to reach my goal. At 4000 words a day I shall surely reach that goal.  (wipes sweat off brow and sighs dramatically!)

Believe me I am now kicking myself for taking so many days off. Yes, I took a break, a nice weekend spent with the kids and DH, doing mommy things like baking the Christmas cake and hemming new trousers. With a nice Thai restaurant and some boardgames, thrown in for good measure. So yes, a nice weekend was had by all. So what kind of a mother am I when I am thinking ‘Perhaps I should not have taken so much time off.’ But it’s not a race anymore, I keep telling myself- I have completed NANO!!

And that’s what NANO has done for me- given me the incentive to at least attempt to have my first draft completed by end of Nov. I will keep you posted on my progress though.

Another wonderful thing happened on YALITCHAT- a Nano Competition where everyone posts their totals and a snippet of their project. I absolutely love reading the snippets other authors have posted too. There’s a Kindle up for grabs too so that is incentive enough. Not to mention a professional critique and a prize of books too. So all you NANO YA writers, get to YALITCHAT and check it out!

Kudos to all WRIMOS who have reached the 50k mark already, and all the best to those who ares till pushing. Go Go Go. You can do it…..


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