The Little Engine that Could

As I sit here editing my NANO WIP, I can see how easy it is to get side-tracked by every little thing possible. It’s easy to find excuses to stop the edits, start a different project or go back to tinkering with another WIP.

Who said writing was easy? Someone ,somewhere probably. But, in saying that, there are parts of writing that are incredibly easy for some. Writing down your thoughts, putting a scene onto paper, easy. But stringing all those scenes together without mixing things up, forgetting what a character said in the last scene…

Frustration mounts as the difficulty increases. And that’s where it gets so easy to give up. When things begin to go uphill, and muscles need to be strained – the going gets tough. And the tough need to get going. Don’t flee. And if you feel like fleeing find your crit partner, a support person, a friend, a loved one.

Someone who will be there with a ready foot to give you that kick that you need. Like the little engine we could all do with a few friends to help push us up the incline and over the rise. Today, my critique partner made me take a good break- get my head out of my WIP and take a breather. It worked like a charm! Thanks Kim!

Like many authors I know, I like to retreat into seclusion when writing. Sure, I swat away the few intrusions when I am in the thick of it, but that’s good. It means I’m concentrating. But when I lift my head I like to have contact with other writers who understand what I am going through.

And just the simplest of contacts could give you the impetus to surge ahead, make some progress. Skype someone, read or write a blog, catch up with friends.

So remember, we are all little engines, and the only time we ‘can’ is when we have a helping hand – in whatever form they come….


2 Comments Add yours

  1. last_lines says:

    Everyone needs to take a breather every now and again. We are designed to rest and breathe. You know you are hardest on yourself. My job is to remind you that you know what you are doing. It is also to remind you to breathe.


  2. tgayer says:

    A thousand thanks to you my friend, you are certainly better than a conscience. Think its time I baked you something…. xx Tee


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