Ommwriter – the Zen calm of writing tools

Ommwriter – the Zen calm of writing tools

Channel a Zen calm with this wonderful writing tool – Ommwriter.

Introduced to me by my writing tool fundi friend it has proven well worth the effort of downloading it onto two separate computers at home.

I’m beginning to think I love this tool as much as I do Scrivener. Facing the first use of Ommwriter with bland disinterest I was pleasantly surprised by it’s simplicity and ease of use.

Available in two download versions – free and paid, the user is able to trial this writing tool before purchasing. But you won’t go wrong. Once you get over the minor inconvenience of saving your work in files not directly associated with whatever writing program you are currently using, that is. I must confess that took some getting used to, but let’s face it the means justify the end in this instance.

The writer works against the serene backdrop of a pale landscape scene with the melodic sounds of meditative music in the background. There is a limited background choice along with an equally limited range of musical accompaniment but neither of these can be considered an absolute negative considering the whole point of the tool is to encourage writing. It does not pretend to be entertainment.

But boy does Ommwriter work. I usually manage 500 to 700 words an hour on a very good day, but with Ommwriter I manage to churn out on average 500 words in 30 minutes. A pretty good average if I do say so myself.

Have you tried Ommwriter yet? Anyone like to agree or not please feel free to comment.


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  1. last_lines says:

    That is the hum you hear from all the OmmWriter devotees…for those who have not tried the program and think you have got the distraction free environment sorted, think again….Check out OmmWriter and your creative muse will be thanking you with lots of lovely creativity released onto the blank page.
    So glad you Love this program my friend…
    Roll on the referrals…if you are creative and need a distraction free zen approach to your writing – OmmWriter is the way to go.


  2. Oooooohhmmmmm!!!
    Yes, the perfect setting to let your creativity flow from your veins to the OmmPaper. Winderful software – and like you, Tee, I’m in the same boat. All of a sudden, oodles of words were pouring out of me. And I was in shock when I suddenly realised how many I had written!
    When I used to write on the train – I would be lucky to write 1000 or so words… but the other day – I spat out 500 words in about 10 minutes. How crazy is that?
    This is the beauty about Omm… it gets you in sync so that you are more in tune with writing, words, and you have a more deeper and solid connection to your manuscript. *LOVE*


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