A Writer’s Old Soul

Ask a writer why they write and you are guaranteed to received a multitude of answers. From ‘I want to be famous’ to ‘something inside me wants me to write’, you will run the gamut of reasons. Granted some answers will be dependent upon the perception of the writer because let’s face it, reality and writers are sometimes mutually exclusive! Believe me, I know!

A few years ago I heard the term OLD SOUL mention in a fleeting conversation. An old soul is a person who is believed to have lived many lives. Someone who, when born, already carries within them the wisdom of all those lives lived and experienced.
Would this perhaps explain where our writing comes from?

Writers write about things they have never experienced all the time. Single people manage to paint accurately the life of a married man, men vividly describe child-birth, a girl describing sights and sounds of New Orleans having never set foot in America let alone Bayou Country.

How is it we are able to breathe reality and life into scenes set in far-off lands and often non-existent ones?

And while we are on the question of how, let’s ask how it is that a writer carves a scene out of a blank page, sometimes having no idea what will happen next, or why a particular character behaves in a specific way. But suddenly the scene is resolved and it becomes clear – all why’s and wherefores are answered…. And yet…. You remain puzzled. There is a mystery in the writing. If you had no idea as to the scenes resolution then how is it that most, if not all scenes leading up to it have followed an unsaid rule to culminate in the final resolution?

I’d like to think I have an old soul. What a romantic idea… To be able to retain knowledge from previous lives seems so impossible, so unreal that the idea holds a certain entrancing charm. Perhaps it would explain why I never hated Shakespeare. Or why History was a joy to learn.

Whatever it may be. Writers are blessed with a secret intuition, a flair for personality and drama, a taste for suspense and intrigue, a desire to draw tears from your eyes and instill fear into your veins.

We weave worlds out of our dreams, meld reality with the fantastical, conjure characters who stay with you whether it be through a random laugh, a cold shiver or a pool of heated tears.

If you are an old soul, conjure up the worlds of your past lives in your story.
And if you are not an old soul… Create … Illuminate … Weave the threads.

Writers write.
Readers live through our writing.


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  1. What an awesome post, and insight not only into yourself… but into other writers as well. Loved reading this… and I think that in many ways – you have really hit the spot. How is it that we can write of things unknown in our current lives?? Thanks for this Tee… I’ll be saving this one into my special reflections file so that I can mull it over again later.


    1. tgayer says:

      Thanks LKH, I’ve been known to ask the strangest of questions and worse- I often expect an answer 🙂


  2. Jessie says:

    your write beautifully – there’s some truth in what you say. I was a classics major because I love ancient Greece and my first (as yet unpublished) novel is in ancient times. Could it be that I lived there once? or is just my over-active imagination in love with a far-gone world that was surprisingly modern? maybe someday I’ll know…


    1. tgayer says:

      Thanks Jessie. My heart lies so much in the past that often I wonder if something went majorly wrong on my Souls journey. I would have loved to live Ancient Greece or Ancient Egypt. When I close my eyes my mind paints in all the blanks and I can picture the streets and the people. I even get smellivision because its not long before I fill my imaginative world with food too- what is life without food. And not a hamburger in sight – what bliss!! So I understand your love of the classical times. And who can say we never lived in those times either? Guess we are major throwbacks then. Walk straight past the crinolines to togas and Pharaohs. Thanks for dropping by… 🙂


  3. Writers are part method actors, part psychologists and part psychics. If one is well-attuned, one can get at the meat of almost anything.


    1. tgayer says:

      Catherine, thats is so true. We really plumb the depths of our psyche to find our stories… Thanks for commenting 🙂


  4. Engrid (Penny Epel) says:

    What a beautifully spiritual post. Old Souls find each other, one way or another. I loved reading your thoughts and have shared it on my page.

    Many Blessings,


    1. tgayer says:

      Oh, Penny, thanks for your lovely comment. I do believe we find each other. We recognise that undying part of each other. I think its a creative thing too. Artists, writers, creatives – we are all carved from the same block of timeless creativity and passion. We live to serve and satisfy the unquenchable thirst of our readers and followers. Thank you…Tee


  5. last_lines says:

    Very strange..I had been the first to like this post….and my like disappeared 🙂 So now let me say I am double-liking it! This totally gels with what we were talking about at High Tea…I truly believe that all artists and all art is really a step into a 4th dimension of a sort. I also believe that true creative souls are inspired by a sensitivity that is atuned to everything around us … almost like suddenly going from a 2d vision to a 3d vision. I also completely agree about some people being born old souls. I also find it interesting that artists,writers and all other creative people tend to be comfortable in their own company and tend to observe all around them and analyse everything for deeper meaning. Perhaps our need and our drive to create, even if it feels like sometimes the creation is beyond our control and we are just a conduit, comes from a need to allow other people a glimpse into that 4th dimension that we glimpse. So often when I read over something I have written…I wonder where those words came from…the joy of writing for me is the journey. I am a traveller by nature and by passion and for me the most exciting part of travelling is the journey. Writing, being able to grasp that story arc, talk in that character’s voice…this is all the journey…Perhaps all old souls are seekers…seeking what we once knew…
    Great post and this has inspired much food for thought…as all of our conversations always do.
    (Let me just say: I am proud to be your friend on this journey.)


    1. tgayer says:

      Hey Kim, and yes after we talked about it at High Tea the idea stayed with me. It’s part of the mystery of being a writer and part of what I so enjoy about my craft and the journey I am on. So thankful that we are travelling together on this journey – to inspire, support, encourage and whip each other into shape!!!
      Thanks my friend..


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