Versatile Blogger Award

Okay so I’m tooting my own horn here! But you have to forgive me as this is so exciting. Today I was honored to received the Versatile Blogger Award by the brilliant Dawn Brazil who shines brightly over at her blog

The rules stipulate revelations too!! Seven things about Tee you never knew:

1. My elder daughter is firm in her belief that I awoke on 1 January 2011 with a new funny bone. I think its just that the family finally figured out I am 5% comedian!

2. I have a superpower! I possess the ability of Super-hearing. I kid you not! My dad once said I can hear dog whistles – I am not so sure he is wrong:) I hear other ends of conversations on telephones and distant beeps of printers needing paper and oh! Yes! people talking around the corner in hushed whispers…..

3. I adore The Rock – not Dwayne Johnson… The Rock! Okay so I adore him, but not as much as I adore my hubby!!

4. One day I HAVE TO own a pair of Jimmy Choo’s, one day

5. I can sing so beautifully – in my head! No trusting what comes out when I do try to voice those incredible vocal skills. Thank heaven I produced daughters who can actually sing!

6. I love chocolate cake with chocolate icing… But hey- i love all chocolate so….

7. I was an Egyptian princess in my previous life! Don’t look at me like that! Why else would I love Ancient Egypt this much???

Now to pass this award on to well-deserving blogs out there – this is hard especially since I am so new at this but here goes:

Kim Koning at Dragonfly Scrolls

Dee White at Dee Scribe Writing

Elizabeth Varadan at Fourth Wish

Kelly Hashway

Victoria Durm

Leigh K Hunt at Parchment Place

Cassie Hart at Just Cassie

Sheryl Gwyther

Catherine Stine

So go on and visit these amazing blogs and be inspired


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