Stylish Blogger Award

Right so- when it rains it so does pour! And did I mention I love rain?

Today I received the Stylish Blogger Award from my awesome friend, co-conspirator in all things writing, and stalwart CP Kim Koning over at Dragonfly Scrolls.

To share this bloggerly love I would like to pass this award on to:

Judith van Praag

Mary Lou Cassotto

Denise Maclennan Bruce

Lauren Hammond

Anna Caro
If you haven’t visited these lovely writers I encourage you to follow the links and enjoy their ramblings….


7 Comments Add yours

  1. kellyhashway says:

    Congrats! Much deserved. Ooh, yay, you gave the award to Lauren. I love her blog. (She’s my agent, but seriously I’d love her blog even if she weren’t.)


    1. tgayer says:

      Yeah- was impressed with her blog- tho to be honest I didn’t pay attention to the agent details- just love the last post …. Cool she’s your agent….Good luck


  2. Hi…Its nice to meet you and even nicer that we have a Bangalore connection.

    Congrats on your award. Thanks for the follow.

    Btw..I loved reading your previous post and getting to know you better. I too love chocolate and cannot sing even if my life depended upon it. Ancient Egypt is my favourite too, so we must have been two sisters who were Princesses in a previous birth. 🙂


    1. tgayer says:

      Hi Rachna,
      We do seem to have alot in common including my dearest friend Kim…. Loved your blog- just getting into the swing of things and reading your comments about the importance of maintaining a web presence confirmed the nudges I kept getting ( you know who you are…). With the singing its slightly embarassing cos I have a carnatic classical in the hubby and a jazzy pop in the daughter – need I say I often feel out of place….
      Feel free to direct mail me- would love to hear more about Bangalore. I was there last in ’95 and totally loved it.. I am also working on an historal fantasy based in India and would love a good natter when you have a chance.


  3. Thanks so much, Tee! I’m posting mine right now 🙂 It wasn’t as hard as I thought it’d be 🙂

    Denise of Ingleside, PEI


  4. OMG Tee! First of all, congratulations with receiving the Stylish Blogger Award yourself. OMG and now I’ve got it as well! Totally missed your invitation dated the 18th! Thank you so much for making me one of your stylish crowd! What a wonderful way to begin the week, I can see we are in very good company, so much fun to peruse everyone’s blogs. And now it’s my turn to pass it on, how fun is that?! Going to post the badge first though. Thanks again!


    1. tgayer says:

      Hi Judith
      I loved passing this award on to all the beautiful writers whose blogs have resonated with me in some way. Will be checking out your blog soon…
      xx Tee


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