Spotlight on Me?

So can anyone tell I have been have a lovely weekend? have honoured me by spotlighting me for the month of April. Head on over and check out the impressive work they are doing in supporting the Kiwi writing community.

Spotlight on…T.G. Ayer

We’ve decided to mix things up a little, and so have switched out ‘Blogger of the Month’ feature to ‘Spotlight on…’ where we will ask one of our members some questions, and get to know them a little better each month. 

Our first participant is T.G. Ayer, our spotlight member for April. 

At what point did you start considering yourself a ‘writer’?
Mmmhhh! I wanted to be a writer all my life! Ever since I read Chicken Little and thought how nice it could be to make up stories like that for others to read. My poetry is actually where I started writing down my thoughts so guess I was officially a poet first. 🙂
I think I considered myself a writer the first time I received a complement on my writing. That was when I read it myself with a new eye and thought ‘Okay, that’s pretty good… I think…’
What was the very first story you remember writing? Where it is now? 
I wrote tonnes of stuff since my childhood, few of which have followed me to NZ. The first ‘real’ attempt was for a school assignment – a short story. It was a horror about a haunted house. I recall the last scene describing a trail of footprints in a thick layer of dust.. The ghost kills the new resident of the house too. Creepy..
Where is it now? Probably in my garage in one of the random boxes I store away hoping DH doesn’t find them 🙂
If you had to share a house with one of your characters, who would it be? Why? 
I think I may have two choices:
my first would be Kailin the MC of my Wraith-Hunter Novel. She’s spunky, strong and courageous but deep down she is a little girl who missed her mum all her life. The more I wrote about her the more I realised how complex she was. Gosh she has issues but really, who doesn’t? I would love to know more about her, … and of course to help her resolve some of her issues… Okay so I will probably be a mother hen… Guess I will resort to helping her resolve her issues in the second book then?
My second choice is Arin- the MC of my short story set in alternate Canterbury. It’s a fantasy, more MG than YA and I have fallen in love with this young lady. I’m dying to flesh the tale out a little more to find out how she ended up where she is and of course where she will be going in the future and what she will do with her new magical power of healing…
What is your favourite part of the writing process?
Its filling the blank page. I’m a nutter for blank pages. I love empty books – and don’t tell anyone but I have been known to tenderly stroke a brand new page before I write my first word…. I so love it when I sit down and write and everything that’s been broiling around in my head just spills out and it actually makes sense and is in order. I loved NANO when I managed 8K on one day and when I read back it was just spelling I needed to correct- plot and structure were all perfect. So it’s definitely the regurgitation part 😛
Which writers would you say have influenced you the most? 
I read so widely its really difficult to name just a handful but here goes:
Tolkien – superb writer, timeless writing – read in my teens too but hey I’ll read it today too…
Anne Rice, Dean Koontz, Stephen King and John Saul – I adore horror, been reading it since my early teens – as a result I am not a good horror-movie watcher. Truth is I pretend I’m watching- what I’m really doing is plotting my next novel…
The late Marion Zimmer Bradley– what an amazing writer!
The late Kahlil Gibran – what I wouldn’t give to have a conversation with him!
Tess Gerritsen – Queen of suspense!!
I am influence by the actual style of the writer as opposed to the story. Don’t get me wrong a great story is an amazing creation even when told in an acceptable writing style. But sometime you find those treasures – flawless writing matched with an awesome story…..And personally BAD writing is bad- I will close the book after three pages…
Currently I am reading as many YA novels as I can – too bad osmosis can’t help cos I’m surrounded by YA at the moment and can’t read them fast enough!
What are some of your hopes and dreams when it comes to your writing? 
I am hoping to find an agent – Yes I have recently begun the submission rounds in the US and learning the ropes, how to pitch, query and accept rejections graciously 🙂 I have had full requests so that is encouraging too.. Keeps me from throwing in the towel and pouting in the corner…
And of course to see my novels in print…
In terms of dreams – I would love to be able to write full-time. I have at least a dozen new ideas constantly buzzing around me like pesky mosquitoes – no more like hummingbirds with dagger-like beaks! I can’t ignore them much longer without looking like a human sieve….
Thanks for being such a good sport Tee, and for taking the time to answer my questions. Why not head over to Tee’s blog and check out some of her posts? Drop her a comment or say hello. Or you can catch her at Twitter: @storymage

8 Comments Add yours

  1. Hi, TG, I gave you an award too.


    1. tgayer says:

      Oh my! Thank you dear friend!


  2. cleemckenzie says:

    Rice, Tolkien, Koontz and King!! Some very heavy hitters when it comes to influencing a writer. I’m impressed that you like–in fact–relish the blank page. That’s usually the writer’s biggest fear and challenge. Good attitude, enjoying the beginning.


    1. tgayer says:

      Thank you CLee,
      I only wish some day I could meet these wonderful creative thinkers!! As to the blank page- give me a page and a topic and I’m off…


  3. Karen says:

    What an awesome blog! Thanks for sharing it with us over at KiwiWriters!


    1. tgayer says:

      Thank You Karen,
      I am still basking in the honor of the spotlight 🙂 I am still new to KW but I shall be posting updates on the forum from now on… er now that I have figured out how to….
      xx Tee


  4. last_lines says:

    Yay! Proud of you my friend! Well done! 🙂


    1. tgayer says:

      Thanks chick!
      Thanks for being there for me, for being my underpaid butt-kicker, over-used critter and general all-round feel-good-maker!!!


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