Wednesday Wonderings …

Five things I have to complain/brag/comment about??

1. Ummm, explain why I need that day job again? My head’s fairly bursting with ideas… seems a waste of 8 hours a day… Okay, so I know, I know, don’t give up your day job. But really??

2. Tweetdeck- wonder of modern wonders. NOW if only I can figure out how to set TD to show me my private FB pages I’d be sweet. If anyone dares to say I can’t I WILL cry…

3. Still feeling the warm and fuzzies with my lovely awards surrounding me and my Spotlight Interview on Feeling even better that I shared the Blogger Love 🙂

4. I love my Beta readers. I enjoy that they enjoy my humble offerings. Someone loves my work… Yay!

5. I have finally begun to re-delve (is that actually a word?) into my poetry. Wrote another one at 2am in the morning (think it was THIS morning…) Will post that up soon…

So I hope I can keep this up, would like to try this once a week…. Wondering if I might soon run out of things to comment on????

Come tell me what’s happening in your lives. What do you have to moan/groan/squeal/yell about?


12 Comments Add yours

  1. Love the post, Tee,

    I know what you mean about being far too busy to do the day job – the one that actually pays in real money LOL.

    You sound so inspired. I’m sure you won’t run out of things to comment about. You always sound like you are doing something interesting.

    Nothing to moan about here (except that I don’t have publishers beating down my door, but hey, the door might break and that wouldn’t be any good either:)

    Am working on MG rewrites and an e-book that I’m quite excited about. Off for the weekend for my wedding anniversary (as I bragged on Facebook).

    I’m enjoying reading your blog and looking forward to more news:)



    1. tgayer says:

      Congratulations on your anniversary dear Dee
      Hope you have a fabulous time – We just celebrated 16 years two weeks ago so I would recommend as much celebration as possible 🙂
      Those publishers will come knocking soon- fingers crossed….


  2. kellyhashway says:

    This is fun. It’s like my Monday Mishmash. Okay here I go:
    1. My publisher is sending me promotional posters for my April 30 release!
    2. I’m going out on submission soon with my agent. Yay! (I’m more than a little nervous too.)
    3. My email inbox is about ready to explode!
    4. I have three pieces to critique for my critique group.
    5. I have to make revisions on my WIP.
    Have a great day!


    1. tgayer says:

      Hey Kelly
      Guilty as charged 🙂 You were my inspiration on this post!!
      okay- 1. – butterflies of excitment for you, can’t wait to see them. 2. luck luck and more luck. 3. take it slow, one at a time, you will get there…:) 4. same boat for me, only it’s 2 critiques for me. 5. commiserations and ditto on that!
      that was fun….


  3. 1 and 5 🙂 just like me…

    I think I’ll do this one too, Tee 🙂 Sounds like fun 🙂

    Weekly blogging is what I tried to do, but kept forgetting lol



    1. tgayer says:

      Thanks Denise
      Have popped over and commented on your blog..
      Keep on smilin’


  4. Went up to the Catskills to write, and the internet promptly went down for two days. That was good and bad. Got writing done but was unable to factcheck, etc.
    It just popped back on, magically??!


    1. tgayer says:

      Welcome back! Sounds lovely and it was probably exactly what you needed… Put some photo’s up?


  5. I honestly don’t think writer’s ever run out of things to write about. I have 87 blog posts so far, have at least another 60 written, and I’m just getting warmed up! This is the way we react to life, our unique coping mechanism if you will, so accept it and enjoy the ride!!


    1. tgayer says:

      Lovely! There is hope for me! Honestly it does surprise me the amount of stuff there is on my mind. It’s a wonder there’s any space left….


  6. Oh one more thing, I just payed that blog award forward, and put a nod to yu and link to your blog on my post. Thanks again!


    1. tgayer says:

      Thanks for the shout-out on your blog…. 🙂 Tee


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