Wednesday Wonderings

Here we are again and I do believe I have something to say. So here goes:

1. Self-flagellation cos I didn’t post my blog on Saturday as per internal agreement with self.. Oh and due to absence of butt-kickers…On holiday for Easter.

2. Celebration cos I reached 120 followers on Twitter! How did that happen?

3. Wrote 5000 words this long weekend ( not including blog – see 1.)

4. Dropbox online save gets disconnected when Internet connection fails. How do I know this? Scrivener was unable to save my 2500 word from first Word War. Had to play catchup so written word total ( see 3.) should be 7500 – sigh!

5. Recommendation of Word Wars. My lovely CPs joined me over the weekend for a few word battles resulting in first 4. And ending with 3. In the end everyone was happy though. And we might make this a regular deal. Imagine that.. 2500 words per day minimum… Sigh!

Thankful for:
My screen orientation lock on my iPod which allows me to read under the covers in a horizontal position. Bliss!

And thankful for:
My bullshit detector. Recently been tested and Yes! It still works 🙂

So what has everyone been up to??


2 Comments Add yours

  1. last_lines says:

    1) Buttkicker feeling chagrined…
    2) Yay – 120 woohoo, passed the 100 point
    3) Woohoo! You have been a busy wee writing bee!
    4) Ah but your sage buttkicking blog-prodding cp believes everying happens for a reason 🙂
    5) Agree!


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