Light vs Dark – themes in writing

Light vs darkness as a subliminal message in novels.

Everything in life is about light overpowering darkness, and the battle darkness has against light. It is a human function to identify good and bad, part of the survival thing. If you aren’t smart enough to know danger when its staring at you in the face with blood dripping from its sabertoothed jaw then guess what, maybe you aren’t smart enough to survive. Either you fight, or run and hide. Doing nothing will kill you.

Fire- the discovery of fire set the ball roling for civilisation. Mythology and science have a hundred different views on when and how fire was first discovered. At this point its not the means I am interested in, rather the end. Fire was light, fire lit up the darkness, made the unknown tangible and not so deadly any more. Sure you got a good meal from it, but in any culture the ability to confront darkness in the external environment simply allows one to confront the same within.

It confirms your strength in the big bad world, allowing one to confront inner demons residing in the dark crevices of ones suspicions and ignorance.

Knowledge over ignorance, Acceptance over fear, good over bad.

It boils down to the eternal struggle of the human psyche. Within the pages of a book we not only seek refuge but we seek assurance. That everything will be okay. That at least some of our dreams will come true.

In the meantime we will open a new book and sink into the story, looking for the goodness and the light. Seeking a path out of our darkness.

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