Wednesday Wonderings

1. MS# 2 is finally completed. Now for revisions
2. MS# 3 in plot stage, just researching and filling in blanks before I start full on writing – with MS# 4 whispering sweet nothings in my ears…
3. Roll on June- no more EDJ – Yes my dream has come true- finally I will be writing full time, taking the writing bull by the horns…
4. realisation of Point 3 means I may not get to conference this year, but I think Warriors and Inklings will keep me company- I will survive!
5. making satisfactory headway with 2 critiques…. wonderful stuff!

Thankful for:
Supportive aunt – always cheering me on- thanks U!

And thankful for:
Cp’s who, in spite of migraines, hurt arms and profusely liquid flu’s, never stop helping!


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