Standing At the Edge of Sanity

This week was my first week as a full-time writer. And though there have been the naysayers who have quoted the economy, family obligations and financial stability as reasons to avoid such folly, I have persisted in following the path of my dreams.
You see, the path of my dreams is not something I have hacked out of the untrodden and overgrown forest of my life all on my very own. It is the way forward the has opened to me.
It has by no means been an easy path to clear. Rather it had been a partnership.
A joining of hands of the faith my husband and kids have in me, the faith I have in my imagination and my ability to fashion that imagination into words that will entrance my readers, and the faith in something entirely beyond what can be seen and done with physical effort. Something beyond words and bargains, something beyond money. Something that lives where dreams grow, and where happiness comes from.
As with every endeavour there are rules. Rules and structure. The foundations of a life of full-time writing.
And just one week of unexpectedly sick offspring is enough to say: all rules can be broken and all structure can be blown to smithereens.
But despite the spanners in my well organised works, I forged ahead. I have a plan you see, I’ve set myself a minimum word count for the weekdays, a minimum number of blogs per week, and rewards.
Yes, we all need rewards. Mine is reading for pleasure, Whitaker’sΒ Peanut Chocolate, and a glass of redΒ wine. Preferably partaken of in simultaneous bliss, but still acceptable in individual helpings.
So I embark on this scary journey, with the warmth and love of my husband, kids, CP’s, writer friends and human friends and wonderful extended family. With the belief that I shall go forth and write, and conquer my little fears, create my little masterpieces and make all my supporters proud.
Wish me luck peeps….


12 thoughts on “Standing At the Edge of Sanity

  1. Onward Sister!!! March forth!! Write on!!!
    Life will throw spanners your way…but it is when in spite of the spanners you continue working on your dream that you prove yourself the true Warrior Writer!
    Proud of you Girl!!

  2. I think you are doing so well πŸ™‚ It’s a brave step to take, but a well thought out one and to hell with anyone who refuses to support you! You’ll show them all, when you’ve landed the agent and the publishing contract.

  3. There are many many things that I would like to say… but I just don’t have room or patience to try and say it all. But I will say this. I AM PROUD of you. It’s a massive step quitting your day job, and entering the 40 hour life of writer’s solitude. (I know – it’s more that the 40 hours.)
    Following your dreams is a big step for anyone. Most don’t follow theirs because they are scared, or perceptions, or for financial reasons. But just imagine who much the people of this world could do if they were like you – and followed their hearts.
    Anyway. I’m pretty sure that there is much I could say to you later about my thoughts… but that’s enough for this morning. This non-smoker needs a cuppa πŸ™‚ Xoxo All my love.

  4. There is no need to wonder anymore – you have found your miraculous wonder–what grace. Share your wonder as a writer, you will find confirmations.


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