Wednesday Wonderings

1. 28k words done on my current MS#3- at the rate of about 3k a day – decided to up that to 4k since it really doesn’t make such sense sticking with a low goal when I’m supposed to be writing full-time…

2. on track to reach my mid July goal of completion on MS#3, *grin

3. Absolutely adore Bookdepository who delivered my order in less than one week despite ash cloud cover grounding flights out of NZ. Yay..

4. Stephen King’s ‘On Writing’ : superb. Well recommended!! Go forth and purchase people…

5. Full of admiration for my Wonderful friend Leigh K Hunt – she knows why- If you want to know please follow the link – Living on the Edge

Thankful for:
Lovely non-writer friends who come and visit bearing chocolate cake!


2 Comments Add yours

  1. Dawn Brazil says:

    I need to get the Stephen King book. And I’d love some chocolate cake, too. LOL


  2. You are awesome. Just saying…
    I’m just so bloody proud of you for doing this!! Reading, developing, writing, and being the most awesome mother and wife. You are truly stellar!
    All my love.


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