Don’t overthink things… Just write the story!

After barreling along, churning out my current WIP I have just come to a grinding skidding halt. I can even smell the rubber, I tell ya. It’s all to do with the story of a trilogy. I knew, before I even started writing the first words of this WIP that it had series potential, but (and there is always one of these buts) I was cutting my proverbial nose to spite my face. I had all these interesting little intrigues and a rather large dramatic element that I was squirreling away for Book 2. But hang on a tick! I haven’t even completed Book 1 yet… Granted this WIP has taken me five weeks to go from zero to 60K, but there was something missing. Oh yeah, it was actually the drama, the intrigue, which I was so kindly saving for Book 2. Hell, Book 2 would thank me, but Book 1 was crying silent tears of despair. I had to stop thinking so far ahead!

It all happened at the beginning of my third act, on the home stretch no less! A little voice kept saying “Don’t you think it would be awesome if – insert idea from bk 2 here-” The thing is, I tend to listen to what my books are telling me. Damn me to hell for being a writer at the mercy of the story, but I have to work with what I have here. So, with the sound of the brakes still singing in my ears, I had to sit down and figure out what to do. Going forward will be a tad difficult what with knowing that the new elements that need to be threaded into the WIP will essentially be affecting the final act. Yup!

SO it looks like I will have to go back and add that layer in now. I will still return to edits as per normal. I shall just pretend I’d written it all the right way in the first place. Ah! The joys of the Writing Journey.

Here I will add that this journey is definitely not a lonely one despite the fact that I am writing full time, at home, all day, alone!  I have these awesome CP’s you see. I keep them around cos they tend to keep me on track. Oh and I adore them cos they are so awesome! And I know they will be there for me. After all, it’s incredibly duanting to realise, when you are five minutes from reaching your destination, that you left the kids in the driveway… Well, I’m going back home to pick up the kids, with my CPs cheering me on….

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  1. last_lines says:

    Yay! Glad you have reached a milestone….and glad you are putting in some more action. I love the way you write Tee…don’t ever hold back!
    Looking forward to reading the finished WIP!


    1. tgayer says:

      Hey Kim, each milestone I reach and pass by is all the more significant because of the love and support of my peers and my friends. 🙂


  2. rowenawrites says:

    Loved the blog Thilo. Keep it up! will enjoy hearing how your current WIP is progressing now that you’re building layers!



    1. tgayer says:

      Hey Rowena, thanks for stopping by. This WIP is definitely keeping me on my toes, so I too am waiting to see how things pan out…. xx Tee.


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