Going Cold-Turkey on the Internet and all its addictive Glory

I have been inspired. A friend said she was taking a 30 hiatus from the Internet and my initial reaction was ‘What? Are you insane? But on second thought I think it’s a brilliant idea.

I’m currently on the homestretch with my WIP. I can see the light at the end of the tunnel but lately the light from FB/Twitter/Skype/Google has been blinding me, and blocking my path. I will of course only check emails once a day most probably in the evenings.

I might just do this and realise its the most ridiculous thing I’ve ever wanted to do but something tells me a MS completed would be a greater satisfaction than a couple of hours on the internet. Now I’m not taking such a drastic step as my friends 30 days. I will be offline until Sunday night. If that helps in terms of progress with my MS then I shall extend my offline time until MS completion.

Wish me luck everyone..

See you on the flip side.


5 thoughts on “Going Cold-Turkey on the Internet and all its addictive Glory

  1. Wish I could do it. Good luck to you.
    I don’t even have a blog to take up my online time. And I am irritated by the banality of the bulk of FB. And I do not tweet – on a volunteer basis.

    I surf blogs – knitting blogs specifically. As well as read and reply to over 20 different knitting groups.(Ninety-nine percent of which are dishcloth knitting groups.) You are correct when you said “addiction”.

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