When a WIP becomes a Manuscript…

Working hard has it’s payoffs. After six weeks of writing full time I have a completed novel ready for edits. It’s taken all of 24 full days of work, 3 to 4 thousand words a day. And O horror of hours I had the weekends off so I lost two weeks in the process. Which falls somewhere between upsetting and satisfying – don’t dare ask me where though. I wouldn’t be able to say.

You see I thrive on the pressure. Not stress mind you. Just pressure. I’ve produced some pretty good results under pressure. So I used a self-imposed deadline of end July. And guess what … Deadline achieved.

It’s now sitting on my desk macerating, percolating, simmering. This little baby’s already winging it’s way out to Beta readers and while I plot my next work those lovely people will be looking it over with keen eyes.

It won’t be long though, before my MS is back and I need to begin to tweak. I love editing so yup, looking forward to it.

What I have learned through this process is the importance of setting aside a time to write. Not necessarily a particular time in the day but a set number of hours or word to achieve. Its only when you set yourself goals that you are able to see the goalposts and aim in the right direction.

How do you plan your writing time? Do you plan at all? Do you set yourself goals and are you achieving them consistently?


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