What does a full time writer do?

Well, I’ve been home doing the full-time writer thing for 6 weeks now. How has it been going? Wonderful. Quiet. Enjoyable. Peaceful. Productive. Silent…

Hey its been quiet here. No radios. No kids bickering or demanding attention (except for school holidays of course). No ringing phones. And best of all most of my deadlines are self imposed.

Now as to specifics of what I’ve been up to:

Have received a Commended Award in the RWNZ 2011 Clendon Competition for the very first novel I’ve ever written 🙂 Still a tad difficult to believe….

Have sent this lovely novel out to my Betas for final opinions- now waiting patiently (honest, I am very, very patient with my Betas)

My 2nd novel was completed the weekend before I became a full-time writer, and is currently on the back burner until novel # 1 comes back from Beta reads – I can’t afford to burn my Betas out now can I?

Have completed the first draft of my third novel, and it took me 24 days BIC (Butt in Chair).

My third novel is currently receiving priority attention- its out with all my Beta’s.

RWNZ Conference if coming up in two weeks- looking forward to spending quality time, soaking up all that knowledge and know-how from the very best in the business. Tess Gerritsen, Maria Snyder and Bob Mayer… Woohoo!

Planned to plot my fourth novel and start writing after Conference but the darned tootin thing just won’t behave so I started writing it yesterday- so far 7k- ONLY 73 to go  🙂

Wonder what I will ge tup to next??


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