YA Indie Carnival–Halloween Memories–A witch is born

For  A Halloween treat visit Kimberly Kinrade’s blog as she tells us her Halloween Tale:

YA Indie Carnival–Halloween Memories–A witch is born

Excerpt from Kimerly’s article:

My best Halloween memory isn’t from my childhood, it’s from 9 years ago this Halloween. The day my first born child was born!

I had been in labor for days. She was due Oct. 28, but apparently preferred to wait until she could be a true Halloween treat.

After days of labor and an emergency C-Section, I expected my first moments with my daughter to be met with a drugged up, sleepy baby. Instead, the first time she looked at me, her big brown eyes were wide with magic. We held each other’s gaze for a long moment before they took her away so they could stitch me up. Her small, elfin face peeked through the blanket she was bundled in and I met all the wonder in the universe in that moment.

That year changed my life in my more ways than I can describe in one post. Though she and I weren’t released from the hospital until a few days after Halloween, I still brought her home in her cute little pumpkin onesie.

Three daughters and 9 Halloween’s later, it’s one of our favorite holidays, and it’s still full of magic! This year, I am going as a witch, Dmytry as a sorcerer and our children are going as a goth fairy (Oldest Girl), dragon (Middle Girl), and unicorn (Youngest Girl).

Aside from that first Halloween when Oldest Girl entered my life, I think this year is going to be the best Halloween yet.


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