YA Indie Carnival — Halloween Memories

For more Halloween stories visit Patti Larsen’s Blog

I have so many great memories! I’ve always adored dressing up, being someone I’m not–it’s the ultimate freedom and so much fun!

Hard to pick just one memory… but I’ll try!

When I was a little girl, my father was THE guy to see when it came to Halloween. He loved it, always dressed up and did makeup for every kid in the neighborhood. My mom would get so mad at him–she loved when the young ones came to the door for treats, oohing and ahhing over their costumes. Then Dad would emerge from the dark dining room behind her in his
scary best and send them screaming and laughing.

He’s gone now, and the children all grown up so Mom doesn’t get as many kids as she used to. But, for me, Halloween will always be about the fun he had and the huge smile on my dad’s face.

Now for News!!
We have a website! You can run over there to see what’s new and exciting with all the members of the Carnival–and let me tell you, we’re a busy bunch!

Check us out at the YA Author Club.


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