Cover Reveal – DEAD RADIANCE – A Valkyrie Novel

It’s so awfully exciting to reveal your cover.

Most writers picture what their covers would look like once their little baby is all published and being read by their eager fans. I’m also a fan of covers, actually. One of the things I do after I’ve drawn up my plan for the novel is to throw together a little cover created on GIMP. Some of them are ridiculously hideous and for my eyes only. They do help me though. That inspirational cover allowed me to solidify my goal – a completed novel. I don’t waste too much time on it though. One does not want to spend weeks finicking with a cover instead of actually writing ones book, does one? 😉

Anyway, moving on, my cover : here it is!

DEAD RADIANCE – front cover :


This amazing piece of art was created for me by the super-talented young Eduardo Daniel Priego who can be found here at DeviantArt. Cover titles by the fabulous Stephanie Mooney who can be found here.

I have to say that I love that sword. I want that sword… sigh! I’m so grateful to Darksword Armory for allowing me to use their piece ‘The Viking’ for the cover. They can be found here.

And the full cover :

DEAD RADIANCE will be available online from 25th FEBRUARY 2012


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