Reposted from Evolved Publishing Blog. I meant to put up a smart and sassy blog post but I don’t think I could have possibly said it better than Eric Pinder, Editor.

A World of Valkyries and Norse Gods

I spent most of January in the delightful company of Valkyries, ravens and a heroic new-kid-at-school named Bryn. Where was I? Technically I was in my office, editing T. G. Ayer’s fun new YA novel, Dead Radiance, but it felt as if I’d been magically transported to Asgard.

Page after page grabbed my attention and took me on a quest from Midgard to Muspell, from the city lights of Manhattan to the radiance of the northern lights as seen outside Odin’s Hall. And I had good company along the way. This debut novel, the first in a trilogy, introduces an intriguing heroine, Bryn Halbrook, who could give Buffy and Percy Jackson a run for their money.

Bryn has a sharp wit…and a sharper sword. And she needs both to survive perils and foes ranging from the gauntlet of popular kids at North Wood High to an assassin named Mr. Worthington to a Norse goddess with a grudge. Bryn also has an unusual vision problem that causes her to…no, I’ll let you discover that yourself.

For any publisher, it’s a joy to discover a book you’re eager to edit and share with the world. T. G. Ayer’s manuscript impressed me right away with strong action verbs, quirky characters, and imagery so vivid you feel as if you’re there. Her novel earns what I consider the best praise one writer can give another: it made me think, “Wow! I wish I’d written this book.”


You can find more on Dead Radiance (a Valkyrie Novel – Book 1), including a sample of the first 3 chapters, at its PAGE here on our website, and it’s now available for purchase at Amazon.


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  1. Absolutely awesome!


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