An Interview with Bryn Halbrook, the Valkyrie by Sydlynn Hale

Okay, so for fun, we wondered what would happen if Patti Larsen’s darling Sydlynn Hayle interviewed my darling Bryn Halbrook the kick ass Valkyrie in DEAD RADIANCE. Only one way to find out!

The Interview

Syd: Hey Bryn! I’m so happy Patti finally introduced us. I understand you just moved to a new town. I’m always doing that too because of my coven and all (rolls eyes). What’s your deal?
Bryn: Hey Syd! Yeah, I just moved to Craven, but its pretty much the same ol’ same ol’. I’m totally over it now. The foster system sucks – funny how you never get to go somewhere you really really like…
Syd: I so hear you–you’ve been to one small town… By the way, I love your necklace. I don’t usually do the whole jewelry thing, but wow, that’s beautiful. Where did you get it?
Bryn: That necklace is a funny story… The first time I ever received a package – and I mean ever- was when my dads trust finally sent the necklace to me. Too bad there was no note to actually tell me who it belonged to. Don’t think it was my mom’s though – can’t see my dad giving me anything of hers. (rolls eyes)
Syd: Every new school I go to, it seems it’s the same old thing–same small minded bullies. It’s so hard to fit in. You find?
Bryn: Yup! Craven’s no different you know. Cherise- (she’s the cheerleader who’s pretty much after all the guys – no surprise there!) happens to be a class act when it comes to bullies. It’s worse ‘cos the one person who was nice to me when I arrived just happens to be her ex! My luck huh?
Syd: Any cute guys at your school? I’m so into this football guy, Brad… never mind.
Bryn: Cute guys? Just Joshua, and as hot as he is, he’s just a friend. I’m not the dating type. Most guys steer clear of me anyway- guess it must be height – or my hideously red hair. Either way I don’t date much.
Syd: Yeah, me either. The whole magic thing seems to get in the way a lot. Having power is way overrated. Trust me, I know. I wish it would just go away. I hear you’ve got the same problem.
Bryn: Yeah! If you can call seeing wierd glows around people a power then boy do I have power. Problem is I’m like this Death Detecter- or you could call it Death-ray vision. lol – sounds funnier than it is. Not so funny when your best friend glows and you just know he is going to die and there isnt a damned thing you can do about it.
Syd: What’s it like being a foster kid?
Bryn: Lonely, friendless, did I say lonely. But Craven, for all its negative sides, has been the best by far. I have Joshua and Ms. Custer, and the rest of her foster kids. They’re so cool. Izzy even put a fresh roses and floating candles in a bowl of water in my room on my first day. Pretty cool welcome.
Syd: I wish we lived in the same town. I know we’d be friends.
Bryn: I know! I wish that were possible. But there is Skype. I hear its amazing for long distance friendships…
Syd: Any advice for new foster kids?
Bryn: The snarky side of me is thinking “learn a martial art!” but the practical side (yeah seems I do have one) says be open to friendship, and it doesn’t mean you have to trust everyone. Take it slow…
Syd: Sucks about your mom just leaving you like that. Do you think you’ll ever try to find her?
Bryn: Even if I had the chance I wouldn’t! No way. She gave me up. Twice. When the cops told her my dad had died in that car accident my mom just looked at me sitting in the police car, then thanks the cops very politely and closed the door on them. Of course they couldn’t force her to take me so I went into foster care. So no- no way.
Syd: One last question: if you could go back and redo anything, what would it be?
Bryn: I’d try to find out more about the glow. Instead of trying to forget about it… At least that way I would be prepared. Its hard when you don’t make friends easily (or at all!) to find out your best friend will die soon. So if I understood it better I’d probably know how to control it or something.
Thanks Syd- It was awesome talking to you. I really wish you were here in Craven, I think we could have been the best of friends too! Look forward to speaking to you again soon…xoxoxo Bryn ❤
You can find the ebook and paperback of DEAD RADIANCE here
This interview was blatantly stolen from my dear friend Patti Larsen who will forgive me… 🙂
To find out more about Syd and her adventures go here

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