New Urban Fantasy due for release Early 2013

Okay, so this post was meant to be about fear. You know, that crippling fear a writer gets when we are convinced that first novel was a fluke and we feel incapable of picking up the pen (or tapping the keyboard in my case) lest the drivel we produce reveals us for the utter frauds we feel we are. But, since things have picked up, and good news has flooded in, let’s leave that morose post for another day shall we?

SKIN DEEP aka SECOND SKIN, my very first novel, is releasing Feb or Mar 2013 (cue streamers, fireworks and dizzy wild dancing). Skin Deep is special to me, being my first full length creation. I love Urban Fantasy. Anything magical, paranormal or even faintly fantastical gets me all happy crazy. So that is where I started. Writers are always told – write what you love to read. For me that would have been Anne Rice, but Anne Rice already cornered that market so I decided to write something a little different. And Skin Deep was born.

SKIN DEEP is the first in the Hunter series. 17 year old Panther Walker Kailin Odel battles against her inner cat, while exploring a new and far more interesting power- to track the evil Wraiths now using the city as their hunting ground. Magic abounds in the world of the Wraith Hunter, and where magic lives, so does mayhem.

Expected Release Day – 26th FEB 2013


17 thoughts on “New Urban Fantasy due for release Early 2013

    1. Hey Mike
      my understanding for Upper YA is its more adult, older characters, and of course can contain scenes of a more adult nature ie swearing, sex etc.

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