A Fan Date, an Update and a Sneak Preview…

I had an interesting experience last weekend that was a sorta affirmation, kinda exhilaration and a whole lotta book-love. And it got me thinking about why I write, what it is about writing that truly satisfies me.

What happened?

I had what I called a fan-date. And, mind you, it all happened because of One Direction (you know.. the boy band all the girls are crazy for) okay, moving on. Cath aka BookChatterCath and her mom loved DEAD RADIANCE so we met for coffee. Also, since I’m sneak this way, I arranged for a little surprise. Knowing that Cath absolutely loved Melissa Pearl, author of the Time Spirit Trilogy, I got Mel to join us and kept it secret until the day. Don’t we all love yelling SURPRISE!

We had such an awesome time. What lovely ladies! And we just couldn’t stop talking. And Cath was wearing Bryn’s necklace,  well Cath’s replica of Bryn’s necklace. Well… you know what I mean. Anyway, when I finally noticed I about fell off my seat- so cool! And just between you and me, the whole experience had me a little off kilter too (picture me ordering a macchiato instead of a mochachino- yup, not a mistake you want to make when warm, chocolatey coffee is what you want, but you end up with a thimble sized cup of coffee strong enough to have you buzzing for 24 hours straight) Yeah, I hear you laugh… you can stop now thank you 🙂

To me, this is what it’s all about. Not the fandom and the accolades but the little humble fact that someone enjoyed my book. Enough to want to meet me and talk about it. To tell me how much they loved it. To talk about things in the the book that made me sit back in a little daze because I just wrote the book for people to read it. I didn’t really sit there thinking ‘So when someone decides to talk about this book, what will they say?’ Needless to say I was floored.

And honestly, I want to be able to always do this. What better way to experience the happiness we, as authors, give to our readers than to meet them and talk to them in person. Loved it.

If anything this experience was a key factor in getting me back on track with edits and writing and planning. It was my Red Bull, my adrenalin, my sugar rush- okay before I begin to crave chocolate again lets move on.

I’m editing DEAD EMBERS at the moment, and preparing to edit SECOND SKIN. Both books are releasing at the end of August 2012. It’s double the excitement double the fun I tell you!

I’m also still waiting on entries in the Bryn’s Necklace Competition- go here for details and enter at your leisure…

In the meantime- something special – a Sneak Preview of the cover of DEAD EMBERS!!


And a little Excerpt too- just because 🙂


Book 2 in the Valkyrie Series

Chapter 1

Cold burrowed into my knees, digging icy claws deep into bone. Despite the pain, I didn’t move. I knelt on the white marble floor of Odin’s Hall, time suspended in a maelstrom of seconds and minutes and unshed tears.

My gaze lay fixed, unblinking, on the bright red of Aidan’s blood. Slick blood dripped from my quivering hands, warm and sticky, like honey. Yet there was nothing sweet or pleasant about having the warm ruby liquid seep into the whorls of my fingers, and stain my hands and my clothing.

The sounds of the Great Hall simmered around me, fading into the shadows of my despair. Only the rabid cackle of Loki’s laughter filtered through my sorrow. The rattle of his chains echoed in my ears as Fenrir dragged him away….


5 Comments Add yours

  1. Great post 🙂 That coffee was awesome… and, you’re right, very humbling. Thanks for organizing it.

    Great excerpt too. Can’t wait!!


  2. Patti Larsen says:

    Awesome post, thanks for sharing your date with us 🙂


    1. Tee G Ayer says:

      thanks Patti 🙂 wish we could do coffee (anything but macchiato tough) 😛


  3. Book Chatter Cath says:

    It was such a fun experience, and one that I hope to be able to repeat 🙂

    Cover looks gorgeous, well what I can see of it ;P
    but the excerpt…Aidan’s blood?, uh-oh I dont think I like the sound of that LOL!!
    Best of luck with the editing…cant wait 🙂


    1. Tee G Ayer says:

      Thank you Cath, for a special afternoon and for being such an awesome gal/blogger/reader. More excerpts and cover previews to come 🙂


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