Cover Reveal: DEAD EMBERS

The cover for DEAD EMBERS (Book 2 in the Valkyrie series) is done and I couldn’t find a single reason to delay the reveal. So here it is:


a Valkyrie Novel #2

A Valkyrie Novel – Book 2

Isn’t she lovely? My amazingly fabulous cover artist Eduardo Daniel Priego who can be found here on DeviantArt. And again the cover features the sword ‘The Viking’ created by the talented team at Darksword Armory. Thanks again guys  for allowing me to use this amazing piece.  You can find Darkword Armory here.

In the sequel to DEAD RADIANCE Bryn continues her education in the art of being a Valkyrie. It doesn’t help that though Aidan still needs saving, Bryn has to focus her attention on performing her duty as one of Odin’s Valkyrie. When new warrior recruits begin dying under mysterious circumstances, Bryn, Fenrir and the team have to figure out who is targeting Odin’s great army and why. Will Bryn find the truth in time? And this time will she save Aidan?

DEAD EMBERS due for release end Aug 2012


32 thoughts on “Cover Reveal: DEAD EMBERS

  1. Love the cover. I need to read Dead Radiance (which I downloaded) soon so I can be pumped up for this June release. Congrats on a great cover!

  2. What a gorgeous cover! Fabulous face! I’m getting so impatient to read this second book, that I’m re-reading Dead Radiance! I LOVE the black leather jacket and pants, combined with Bryn’s red wings! How does the jacket fit around the wings? How does Bryn put it on and take it off? 🙂 I’m delighted to read that Aidan isn’t truly dead YET!
    Thank you for this super post!
    -Mike Stoddard (mike@webnarratives)

      1. I’ve read parts of Dead Radiance a dozen times or more. I just LOVE your Bryn character. BTW, on the new cover, what’s the 2nd weapon Bryn is reaching for?

  3. Thank you so much for this gorgeous cover preview! I’m so impatient, waiting for Dead Embers, that I’m re-reading Dead Radiance. I love the black leather jacket and pants. How does Bryn get the jacket on, over/around her wings?

    Thanks so much for your wonderful writing!

    1. Hi Mike
      The second weapon is another sword- so in DE Bryn has two swords.
      The wings- yes this is often a question people ask, and the only definitive answer is it’s a magical appearance. Most authors leave that up to the readers imagination – a matter of suspension of disbelief I guess.
      Thank you for you questions 🙂

      1. Of course! “…a matter of suspension of disbelief” !! I’m just too rational to pick up the signs “Disbelief Ahead!” 🙂
        PLUS, two (count ’em!) two swords! Bryn must be training to be a two-fisted swords-woman! GO, Bryn!
        -Mike, who LOVES Valkyries

  4. So. Freaking. Stunning. I love how the backgrounds are so different but the style is similar–this screams Bryn to me–way to keep the feel while pumping up Bryn from teenager to kick-ass Valk warrior. Great cover, Tee!

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