Long Weekend, Conventions, Procrastination & an Excerpt

Queens Birthday Long Weekend

I promised myself that apart from the convention I would dedicate my weekend to being on holiday. That included Chinese Takeaway and a Hot-Pot that was too sweet and totally not hot enough. Also included were Fruit & Nut Chocolate, Chocolate Tim Tams (Yum!), a Jacob’s Creek Rose and a chocolate cheesecake – needless to say a yummy weekend. Gym anyone?

With Monday off we had a movie marathon- The Tourist, Fast Five, Hanna, Karate Kid and Hulk (Ed Norton). I think you can tell that I am not the regular movie-goer. Honestly I am barely a regular TV watcher.

Plus I finished my current awesome read – Ashes by Ilsa J. Bick – 5 stars !!

Next on my list is to complete The Night Circus, very difficult as I am being tempted away by Neil Gaiman and Joanne Harris – its a tough life…

All in all, a very good weekend 🙂


UnCONventional – Science Fiction & Fantasy New Zealand Annual Convention 2012

My dear friend Melissa Pearl and I spent Saturday and Sunday selling and signing at the SFFNZ 2012 convention – UnCONventional.

It’s always cool to have a signing partner to chat to – even better when you are besties who just can’t stop talking!

Author Melissa Pearl signing her Time Spirit Trilogy

 UnCONventional. What a cool event. Lots of gamers and cosplay, sci-fi and fantasy readers and writers.

I especially loved the robed dude – (I wasn’t sure if he was Harry Potter or Merlin or a maskless Darth Vader)

And a girl with a very bushy, very red fox tail (either a Chines Kistune or a Norse Huldra?)

I’m wondering why Mel and I weren’t all constumed up? Would have been fun…

Me signing Dead Radiance

Plus the highlight – an appearance by the lovely Trudi Canavan who made us cups of hot chili chocolate drinks.

Oh and she is a the fabulous author of the BestSelling Black Magician Trilogy.

Trudi Canavan

Procrastination Woes

I suppose I shouldn’t be too hard on myself- it is technically the first day of the week. I do know that many writers suffer from Mondayitis. It’s tough, even in conventional jobs, to get started on the first day back from a holiday. But there has been progress. A slow slog to DEAD CHAOS, plus a steady tapping away at DEAD EMBERS edits- I feel slightly woodpeckerish. It’s coming along though – a few lightbulb moments on the weekend has resulted in two pretty epic scene additions for Dead Embers, which I am hoping my readers will love reading as much as I enjoyed writing them.

Bonus Excerpt from Dead Embers

And because I can’t promise to be conscious or sentient in a blog sense next week (lots more slogging and tapping to be done), I have a little teaser from Dead Embers for you…


Cold burrowed into my knees, digging icy claws deep into bone. Despite the pain, I didn’t move. I knelt on the white marble floor of Odin’s Hall, time suspended in a maelstrom of seconds and minutes and unshed tears.

My gaze lay fixed, unblinking, on the bright red of Aidan’s blood. Slick blood dripped from my quivering hands, warm and sticky, like honey. Yet there was nothing sweet or pleasant about having the warm ruby liquid seep into the whorls of my fingers, and stain my hands and my clothing.

The sounds of the Great Hall simmered around me, fading into the shadows of my despair. Only the rabid cackle of Loki’s laughter filtered through my sorrow. The rattle of his chains echoed in my ears as Fenrir dragged him away.

I blinked.

Loki’s treachery, although not unexpected, had taken us all by surprise. In the end he’d driven his poisoned dagger deep into Aidan’s flesh. And now Aidan’s blood marred the bold purity of the white tiles, while I sat bereft, haunted by a god’s callous laughter and my own pathetic tears which refused to fall.

Grief and anger and guilt warred inside me.

I wanted someone to make it all right, or to just make everything go away.

I wanted to curl up and tell everyone to just shut up and leave me the hell alone.

I clenched my fingers. The darkening blood beneath my nails glared at me, mocking my grief. A desperate urge engulfed me, a need to scrub the flesh of my fingers raw, to get every last spot of blood out, to erase the rosy tint from my skin.



A hand touched my shoulder, and I flinched. My knuckles tightened on my sword hilt. But when I looked up, it was only Joshua, his brow wrinkled with concern. Aimee stood behind him, gazing at me with watery eyes.

“Bryn,” Joshua said. “There’s nothing more you can do here.”

I let him help me to my feet, let them lead me away to the pools.

When I finished, who knows how much later, Aimee tossed me a new, clean robe and walked me back to my room. She said nothing, sensing my mood, but gave my arm a sisterly squeeze. I was grateful for her silence, and even more for the fact that she wasn’t Sigrun, thank goodness. I wasn’t ready to face Sigrun yet.



4 Comments Add yours

  1. Meredith Rose Ashe says:

    I am so glad that I’m not the only one slogging through both edits and new WIP. Good luck, T!


    1. Tee G Ayer says:

      Oh Leah- I’m so glad you said that- misery loves company? But seriously- I love edits, its just slow going…


  2. Very cool post 🙂
    Thanks for sharing an excerpt!!! Can’t wait to read the book!

    I had so much fun hanging out with you this weekend. So glad you were there to share it with 🙂


  3. valkyrielove says:

    Congratulations, Tee, on a successful unConvention! Thank you for the DE teaser paragraphs; I’m so glad to see Joshua and Aimee returning to ‘action’ just when Bryn needed someone different to comfort her. I’m so excited to finally get my eyeballs on DE !! Best wishes,


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