Writing Quirks and Must Haves

Until I thought about it I hadn’t realised that I do have a few ‘writing quirks’. Amazing what you figure out when you are forced to examine your process.

To start off with, I always need a good pen- my favourites is a LAMY Ballpoint – a gift from my dear friend Kim.

Because I am so easily distracted by emails, the Facebook and the Twitter, I prefer to go through them before I start writing, otherwise it will just bug me and mess with my concentration.

Part of my routine is to chat with my 2 writing buddies Patti and Cassie- we chat several times a day every day on Skype- have word wars and sometimes do butt-kicking duty

I must have my chap-stick right beside my keyboard; I hate having to get up and go look for it. – No, I’m not lazy, just focused!
A bottle of water- absolutely necessary. Gotta rehydrate people! Well, to be honest if I don’t have the bottle right in front of me, I will forget to drink water too- yup, its that bad!

I usually make my lunch when I prepare the family lunches every morning. So it’s all wrapped and ready to eat when lunchtime comes around. If I have to do more than unwrap and chew then I get annoyed and might not eat lunch at all- which is definitely a bad thing.

A pair of fingerless gloves in winter.

Writing music- During the day, when the house is empty I write without music, unless the neighbours are yelling or annoying me with their own loud music or screaming kids. Then I use my music to drown them out. Once my girls are home, and because my ‘study’ is located in my lounge, I drown out extraneous sounds by sticking my earphones in my ears. Of course, when I am writing an intensive action or emotional scene I listen to Linkin Park or Daughtry or Melody Gardot- whatever suits the scene.

Editing music –  When I am editing, my music preference is different. When I first started writing I used to listen to a playlist of all the Coldplay CD’s I owned. Now, for some reason, I always use that CD to edit to. It’s calming, and not intrusive enough to mess with my concentration while I edit.

I don’t snack while I write, amazing ideas come to me in the shower and I have an aversion to my treadmill which happens to occupy space in my study and which I just happen to not use on a daily basis. And that’s it as far as I can think of.


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  1. Ms. Nine says:

    Thanks for sharing.


  2. Writer Jobs says:

    Great post thanks. I really enjoyed it very much.

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  3. Awesome post. I love all your quirks! They are similar to mine 🙂


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