Guest Post: Cath Cowley

Who Is My Favorite Dead Radiance Character and Why…

By Cath Cowley

Realistically, Bryn would have to be my favorite character; after all, she is the main character with which the whole story is wrapped around. To state the obvious, she is the heroine.

But she is my favorite for a more basic reason; I like her and I want to be her friend.

Bryn has a heart of gold; she’s a giver, a people pleaser. She is reliable and loyal, a listener, the best kind of friend. She’s your average teenage girl, a quiet girl; perhaps a little strange even…Bryn Halbrook is a Valkyrie, and I really want to be her friend.

Time and again, Bryn has obstacles thrown in her way. Sometimes she is quick to recover, springing back fiercely, and other times, she’s frozen, paralyzed with fear, with grief, with guilt.

Bryn makes mistakes, blames herself when things go wrong, when people die, and yet she wants to see and believe in the good of everyone, gives everyone a chance, the benefit of the doubt, desperately hoping for the same in return.

Bryn often has to dig deep, to find strength in what seems to be a never-ending life of pain and disappointment. The strength to stand up for herself against the school bullies, against the system, and even against Gods. And through it all, Bryn is ever hopeful, striving for the courage to carry on, and I really, really want to be her friend.

I could carry on like this for hours, detailing all of Bryn’s redeeming qualities, shine a light on some of her faults too; but the basic facts are these – T.G.Ayer has created a character so realistic, so sweet and unassuming, so broken and yet so hopeful, so human; that I want to be her friend.

I want to stand by her, comfort her, back her up and fight her enemies with her. I want to be a friend to her because I care about her. And that’s not something I can say about every character of every book, but I can say it about Bryn because of the talent of the author to make me believe in Bryn.

Bryn is my favorite Dead Radiance character because I have read a lot of books, and I like a lot of characters, but it’s not often I want to believe in a character, wish for them to be real…

Do I have a girl crush on Bryn…probably?
Do I have a fangirl crush on Tee…absolutely!


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  1. I too loved Bryn and would love to be her friend. Great post for a fantastic series!


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