Cassie Hart’s Favorite Character

By Cassie Hart

When Tee asked me to write a post about my favourite character in the Valkyrie series, I had to really stop and think about it. Bryn is the obvious choice, of course, or Aiden, or maybe Sigrun, or Fenrir, or hell, even Hugin, difficult bird that he can be some times.

But when I think about the character that warms my heart I’d have to say that it’s Ms Custer. I really feel as though it was her warmth, her love, her acceptance—and her belief that Bryn would make decisions for the right reasons—that helped to get Bryn into the position to move from being a lost little girl, to being a young woman who could consider opening her heart to the possibility of friends, love, and a sense of family.

Having faced rejection from her biological mother, the loss of her father, and many foster families that simply didn’t work out, Bryn was seriously damaged goods. But Ms Custer had a history of nurturing lost kids, and she took Bryn into her home, just as she did all those other children, and chipped away at the hard façade Bryn had built around her. Her persistence, her kindness, her concern, they all seem vital, to me, in allowing Bryn to feel safe enough to open herself up a little and let others inside.

And hey, let’s be honest, Ms Custer is a tough old bird in her own right, who will fight for what’s hers and defend her children even in the face of danger. You’ve got to respect that 😉

There are so many great characters in these books, from the prominent to the less obvious. Which ones are your favourites?


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