Bryn’s Rose-petal-encrusted Shea Butter Soap

I want to make soap.

And I intend to, despite well voiced reservations from all members of my household, so much for votes of confidence. They are certain I don’t have the strength for it. I’ll show ’em!

Now, why soap you may ask? Well, in Dead Radiance, Bryn has her first experience in the Asgard Bathhouse with her new Valkyrie friend Sigrun.

In Chapter 17, Bryn, all sweaty and dirty from her pain filled transformation into a real Valkyrie, is taken to the ladies bathhouse where she is overwhelmed by the beauty of gold veined blue marble casted bathing pools.

“A pool, five times larger than your average Olympic-sized pool, covered the entire floor of the valley. It formed a large oval and was constructed of a deep blue marble material veined with gold and silver that sparkled and glittered in the weak sunshine.”

Bryn is also left speechless at the modern conveniences of an ancient Norse city like individually controlled hot and cold water springing directly from natural geysers beneath the earth and heated stone seats.

“We sat on a beautiful stone seat and I was pleasantly surprised to find the seat was warm. Talk about under-butt heating.”

Bryn’s dilemma of how to actually bathe and clean herself is resolved when Sigrun directs her to a bowl of gorgeous rose petal encrusted soaps which Bryn feels is incredibly indulgent.

“Relieved, I grabbed the soap and sponge and waded to the other curved space to bathe. The soap smelled heavenly, a delicious creation made from crushed rose-petals. I used it to lather my oily hair as well, as I was unable to find Asgard’s brand of shampoo and conditioner in the marble bowl. As I rinsed, whole rose-petals floated around me and away on the current.”

Now that I dreamed all of that Asgard Bathhouse rose soap stuff up, I think it’s time I tried my hand at making the rose encrusted soap myself.

So wish me luck, and if all goes well, we will have a competition and one lucky winner will receive a bar of handmade, rose encrusted Shea butter soap.


14 thoughts on “Bryn’s Rose-petal-encrusted Shea Butter Soap

  1. Your picture looks divine, Tee – but I’m guessing that’s not the finished product…yet! Hope the soap-making goes well, and the excerpts of ‘Dead Radiance’ made me want to find some gorgeous soap and a bath – unfortunately I’ve only got a shower…sigh.

    1. Nope Trace, that’s just a random bar I photographed. I’m waiting on my order of supplies. The rose petals are going into the soap tho, and they were dried from roses given to me as a get well gift…
      And yeah, I know how you feel, I only have a shower too. Musta been wishful thinking that generated those baths for Dead Radiance…

  2. Whatever is a positive in your life at this point, go for it. Positive thought, energy is all in the plus column. With that I came through Gamma Knife brain surgery and am able to e-mail you girl, so there is something to it.

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