Bryn’s Rose Soap Giveaway!

Now, as you know from my previous post I decided to make soap, and I laughed in the face of the family outcry. Granted in the end they were right and I was exhausted, but nevertheless we ended up with soap. Yes people, real gorgeous soap. So from The Decision link I took this pic on my kitchen counter so this counts as Before the event. I then moved on to waiting for the courier driver to deliver. Boy, can a day seem a looooong time when you’re waiting for a courier. So it’s pretty easy to understand that once my supplies arrived I was ready to start soap making the moment I opened my box of goodies. But sanity prevailed and sustenance was taken before I ventured into the unknown wilds of rose petal soap creation. After mixing, adding fragrance and stirring to just the right moment, real roast petals joined the Shea butter soap mix and I poured the mixture into the mould. And this is what I got. Next came waiting and we all know how I love waiting – I’m doing enough of it as it is. Anyway, an hour of cooling later we had soap, that within minutes was cut and arranged for their first photo shoot as real bars of soap. Now of course we need a giveaway for all those soap lovers out there… And so it shall be! The giveaway will run from 15th November to 15th December with winner to be announced the week before Christmas. Winner will receive: One bar of Bryn’s Rose-petal encrusted Asgard Shea-Butter Soap. One Replica of Bryn’s Amber Brisingamen Pendant, One swag pack containing bookmarks and book cards all signed for both DEAD RADIANCE & DEAD EMBERS.
How to participate?
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Good luck everyone!


15 thoughts on “Bryn’s Rose Soap Giveaway!

  1. *Waves hand in the air* Me! Me! Me! Looks lovely, Tee. Hope you didn’t get too tired and I’m so proud of you for hanging in and keeping going. Love you!

  2. I’m so happy you went ahead and made it, TG! That’s so awesome, and it looks amazing! I hope you are doing well, despite the lack of energy.

    And I’ll be sharing it! Tweet tweet, and Facebook ๐Ÿ˜€ Great job!

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