New novel, Valkyrie series update & tour, Skin Deep release date & tour!

If you are familiar with authors you will know that many a manuscript lies in that special drawer (or folder) collecting the dust of doubt and the lack of belief. It’s no surprise that writers can lack a lot in the self-esteem department. Often it will take just one comment to sway your entire purpose. So I have this drawer just like all my other author buddies. And like many of them, although I loved the novel, I wasn’t sure that people would be interested in reading it. This, compounded by numerous agent rejections for Skin Deep, let me to place this novel in the ‘The virtual Drawer” consigned to collecting the dust of the years.

But something changed (Don’t bother asking me what changed- I’m still trying to figure that out myself!)

I pulled the files out from folders that are no longer even in use, opened it up and skimmed a bit. It was only when I felt myself needing to read more that I realised the story had a life all of its own. And I had to force myself to close the file even though I kept wanting to read more (Fire edits are priority today)… I remembered how much I loved the characters, how much I loved writing this book, and I realised that with a little editing this could be another book that will shine.

So, even though I’m probably insane for adding another project into my already insane schedule, I guess I am giving in…

You can look out for The Seals of Hades, later in 2013.

The Seals of Hades

Book 1 in the Chronicles of the Irin

In a world where mythological beings exist side by side, the Brotherhood of the Irin recruits winged beings from around the world. Valkyries, Angels, Faerie and Apsara’s work together to fight evil and guard the portals to the Underworlds, keeping human Earth safe.
Angel Evangeline is the strongest, most loyal Warrior of the Irin. When the brotherhood’s actions cause Evie to question their motives, her first duty is to protect the Twelve Seals of Hades. But as usual Evie gets more than she bargains for and sets off a chain of events that plunges her into the Underworld, brings her face to face with her haunted past, and throws her straight into the arms of Hades.
A rich world filled with demons and angels, faerie and immortals. An intriguing blend of Myth and legend that will satisfy your Urban Fantasy reading needs… PS. There’s a demon in this book that I really adore- when  you read the story you will totally know what I mean..

Dead Radiance, Dead Embers & Dead Chaos

DEAD RADIANCE & DEAD EMBERS will be on tour in APRIL with the lovely peeps at Nevermore PR- more details to follow.

DEAD EMBERS will soon be available at Whitcoull’s stores throughout NZ. DEAD RADIANCE is already stocked.

DEAD CHAOS is expected to release end June to mid July- still to be confirmed. Expect a cover revel sometime in June.

Skin Deep

Book 1 in the DarkWorld series

SKIN DEEP has a firm release day! We will release with the eBook first on 30th April 2013. The paperback will follow a week or so later.

SKIN DEEP will be on tour with Between the Lines Book Tours for the month of May. Further updates to follow.

I’m in the process of ordering some super gorgeous swag for Skin Deep – I’ll post a photo as soon as I can confirm.

And I have a bookmark for SKIN DEEP. Do you love it as much as I do?

Bookmark 4.2


Book 1 in the Hand of Kali series

I can only provide a tentative date for FIRE at this point: end of May or mid June 2013.

Also coming soon for FIRE, some to-die-for swag.


18 Comments Add yours

  1. bookchattercath says:

    So many great books to look forward to, I cant wait 🙂


    1. Tee G Ayer says:

      I’m nervous now- I hope you like it 😉


  2. alicepriday says:

    love the sound of them all. plz put me down for thn seals of hades, dead chaos, skin deep and fire paperbacks, and skin deep bookmarks and fire swag 🙂 please


  3. Wow you busy lady!! That is so awesome 😀 So happy for you, darling. You’re on fire.


    1. Tee G Ayer says:

      Thanks hun, and with you cheering me alone I’m sure to keep going!


  4. bsgtrust says:

    Please remember to send me copies to review. Aloha, Richard


    1. Tee G Ayer says:

      Will do Richard. Hope you are well 🙂


    1. Tee G Ayer says:

      Thanks Rowena. I have my days when I just want to roll over and play dead! But you gotta keep going right? ❤


  5. valkyrie1008 says:

    seal of hades will go on my to-read list as soon as i can get a copy T – anything with valkyries in throw it my way 🙂


    1. Tee G Ayer says:

      No problem Rebecca! 🙂


  6. Heathef says:

    Dying for the last Valkyrie… any update on the release?


    1. Tee G Ayer says:

      Hey 🙂

      Dead Chaos ebook will be out by the end of this month… 30th to be specific 🙂 if you sign up for the newsletter or Amazons notifications you’ll get notified on the day of release. Paperback release some time mid November … xxx


  7. Ieshia says:

    I am so in love with the Valkyrie series. You are an amazing writer, I look forward to more from you.


    1. Tee G Ayer says:

      Thank you so much Leshia – I am really glad you enjoyed the books 🙂


  8. rose malden says:

    Loved the Valkyrie series!!!!!!! Can’t wait for more!!!!! You are truly gifted!!! Couldn’t put the book down until I finished it!! Thank you for writing this series, love it!!


  9. Tee G Ayer says:

    Thank you so much for your kind words, Rose. I’m so glad you enjoyed the Valkyrie series 🙂


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