TwitterRant, Qwitter and Follow Me Fails!


I’ve been using Twitter for a couple of years. I’ve managed to amass a few Real followers – by those I mean followers who do care about my blog posts and release information and even my little ‘Buy my book’ Tweets that I so seldom post. The rest? I’m not really sure who they are or why they follow me. Many fall into the categories of the subject of today’s post.

Follow Me Fails…

Okay, so here’s my TwitterRant:
1. Why do people follow me and then unfollow me after I follow them? I’m assuming these are Twitter users who just want to bulk up their follower numbers? Please don’t do this – its just rude. And I’ll just unfollow you…
2. Why do some Twitter users have no patience? I’ve had several followers who follow me (for whatever reason), wait 3 days then unfollow me? Are they competition entrants who follow just to qualify for a comp then unfollow asap? Sometimes….Or are these illegitimate followers who somehow think I’m on twitter all the time and if I don’t follow back within 3 days I’m dead to them? Sorry, this is also rude. And I’ll just unfollow you…
I’m not a gold class Twitter user by any means, but aren’t there general etiquette rules that people of the Twitterverse follow?



I was recently introduced to Qwitter for a similar reason – that so many of my own Twitter followers are just following to increase their numbers- they have no interest in me, all they want is my Follow-back. One thing Qwitter has shown me though- that 90% of Tweeps that follow me only to unfollow after I follow back are people who have probably received misguided information on how to use Twitter.

Twitter is NOT about adding to your follower count. Sure we know that high follower numbers are impressive but if you are a serial Follow-Back parasite, maybe stop and think about this: Tweeps are not just an @ sign followed by a bunch of letters. We are people. We Tweep, we chat, we rant and yes, once a relationship begins we are friends too. Maybe stop thinking about amassing Follow-Backs and start thinking about making friends. 🙂

So how do you feel about Twitter as a social tool?

How does Twitter work for you? 

Will you use a program like Qwitter to make sure you don’t have parasitic follow/unfollowers?

Do you ever chat with people on Twitter?


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  1. I don’t understand Twitter – but I’m on it because my ‘Build your Author Platform’ says I should be. Every now and then I tweet a little… but to be honest? I just can’t be assed.


    1. Tee G Ayer says:

      Yeah, same. Maybe it will take time to learn… I hope 🙂


  2. As always, a great post.
    I think there are a lot of people out there who don’t know how to use Twitter effectively. I’m one of them! But I’m learning 🙂
    Thanks for sharing.


    1. Tee G Ayer says:

      Thanks Mel. I do wonder though if the solution is to be more active on Twitter?


  3. habisha says:

    Tee, it’s the first time I’ve heard of Qwitter. I joined Twitter to get on a once a week writing chat. It’s hard for me to follow the conversation at times.

    I have the same issue with “followers” but I’m not going to worry about it, as I hardly ever post. Honestly, what does one post in 140 characters that says anything meaningful? I’m sure people do, I’m just a Nervous Nellie when it comes to Twitter. I tend to use Facebook more often.

    I’m sure I’ll use Twitter when my next book comes out. Leah says she uses it to build a following for her blogs. Not a bad idea.


    1. Tee G Ayer says:

      🙂 I do follow a few writing hashtags (wow- I actually know what that means lol) and they can be very informative. I guess each writer will need to approach Twitter as and when they are ready


  4. LM Preston says:

    Twitter works exceptionally well for me! Sure I have high numbers. Sure some are not really interested in me or my books, but hey, I’ve found viable contacts through those seemingly meaningless ones. It’s about exposure. Plain. Simple.


    1. Tee G Ayer says:

      Hey LM! I’m glad Twitter works for you! I’ve found the writing hashtags helpful, and I have made some connections too so I’ll concentrate on building relationships slowly. I’ve attended a few Twitter parties too but to be honest I feel quite out of my depth. Maybe it will take time? I just think that following someone should really be for a reason, not just to collect Follows or to enter comps.


  5. DC says:

    I probably look like one of those people who just follow for a follow-back because I follow over 1000 people. I actually do enjoy jumping in on chats and 90% of those I follow are people I would really like to meet in person one day! The other 10% are world news and international groups I like to keep tabs on. I don’t follow people for a follow-back. However, I do use Qwitter to unfollow those who practice that. It is also refreshing to see the types of people who end up unfollowing me (usually party promoters and social media “gurus”).

    As a social tool, I like twitter. I have facebook for my friends where we can share our more personal experiences. Facebook censors though and ends up only showing you posts it’s computer brain thinks you’d be interested in based on some algorithm that takes into account what posts you like, what key words are usually in your status, which friends you subscribe to, etc…etc… You end up getting a very narrowed view of your world of friends and you can easily start to believe that everyone you are friends with, thinks exactly like you.

    I like twitter as a way to see the rest of the world and get a glimpse of how lives are led around the globe. I’ve found countless interesting blogs that express viewpoints completely different than my own and I’ve learned a thing or two about humanity. I purposely follow people with very different political and religious views than myself (as long as they post intelligent and non-hateful things- I stay away from ranters and haters).

    I also helped a stranger find a job by leading her to a job posting after she tweeted that she was looking for employment. That was pretty fun and it someday if I ever find myself unemployed I will definitely turn to twitter as one of my sources to find a job.


    1. Tee G Ayer says:

      Thanks so much for commenting DC- loved seeing your viewpoint and your comments about FB are pretty spot on- I’ve been getting tired of it too. x Tee


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