Week 1 – Skin Deep Review Tour

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SKIN DEEP is going on Tour!!

Here are the stops for the first week. Links for Monday to Wednesday are up- others to follow 🙂

13-May   Best Books 89

“absolutly wonderful, readers will be captivated from the very first chapter.  this author never ceases to amaze me with her awesome worlds she creates with her books, i thought her valkaryie series was my fave but i think this one is, could be because its about shifters, my fave subject in books. Tee created amazing characters, loved the female and male leads….”


14-May Lady   Caella Reviews

“T.G. Ayer has written a fantastic novel, created a fabulous world with great characters. I’m definitely looking forward to the second book in this series, because the story isn’t done yet. There is more to tell and I really need the next book to see how it will turn out…”


15-May   Patti Larsen

“You work very hard to protect humans—why is that so important to you?

Humans are weak—and I don’t mean that in a bad way at all. They are just vulnerable and they need someone to look out for them. Also, discovering the wraiths was one thing, but seeing them prey on humans who couldn’t fight back? That just pissed me off, you know? I just couldn’t leave them unprotected.

You sound like Syd and her sense of responsibility.”


16-May   Parchment Place

“Wow. This book is mesmerizing, spine-chilling, and riveting. T G. Ayer did an unbelievable job at melding all these different aspects together into a well-rounded novel.”


17-May   My Book Chatterchat

“T.G. Ayer has once again sucked me in to one of her magical worlds. A world where panther shape-shifter Kailin Odel, does her best to protect her community from soul sucking Wraiths; a world where shape-shifters, mage’s, and all manner of old and new paranormal beings live amongst us in relative secrecy. But someone is killing shifters, decimating the bodies and drawing attention to a world the Para’s want to keep secret; need to keep hidden from the regular population.”



Please make a note of the stops and be sure to hop on over and read the reviews 🙂

Week 2 Stops will be posted next week.


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