Skin Deep Review Tour – Kailin Odel Character Profile


SD Tour BannerELIZA DUSHKU as Kailin

Eliza Dushku is my inspiration for Kailin Odel, from both Buffy and Angel days and a little of her Tru Calling character. She’s feisty, stubborn, bad-ass as it gets and that’s what I love about Kailin. Kailin is carrying a deep emotional pain (her mother abandoned her and her family when Kailin was two). In the leadup to Skin Deep and through the story Kailin is trying to deal with this abandonment and the ramifications of her mother’s absence in her life. All Kailin ever wanted was to be loved- something that’s hard to get from a father who still nurses the hurt of his wife’s departure.

Kailin is a complex character. She wants to be strong and yet she desperately need to be taken care of. She wants her independence but she longs for her family’s involvement in her life. She falls into Wraith hunting when she arrives in Chicago and discovers she has the ability to see track the soul-sucking monsters by the coral residue they leave behind. She watches and learns and soon knows how to fight them how to kill them. She’s a shifter on a monster hunting mission.

And the only person who’s been able to throw her for a loop is the oh-so-sexy Logan Westin. He’s so wrong for her – he’s Human and he’s a cop, two superb reason she should run as far as her panther legs can carry her. But the attraction is intense, and the two are on a course for a sizzling head-on collision.

Join Kailin as she hunts down a vicious killer, as she gets closer and closer to the truth about her mother, and as she tries to learn do whats always been the hardest…trust.


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