Teaser Tuesday! (June 18)

I’ve decided I don’t blog enough and Teaser Tuesday will be a fabulous opportunity to get you all salivating about what’s coming. In this case its FIRE- Book 1 in the Hand of Kali series…

Maya stepped into the foyer, swallowing a bubble of nervous excitement. Nik leaned against a wall near the stairs, dark hair curling onto his shoulder. His nonchalant slouch didn’t fool her. His black eyes stared right through her as if he knew something she didn’t. Her Nik-based musings were short-lived as Amber tightened her grip, steering her to  the left. Maya avoided Nik’s gaze and turned, submitting to Amber’s direction. And found herself staring right into the brightest blue eyes she’d ever seen. Electric blue and purely predatory.

Expect to see Fire cover revealed end of June, and release of eBook mid July. Come back next week for another teaser… Are you on Amazon? Then sign up to be notified as soon as I release a new book. Go to my author page and at the top right hand corner click the link to subscribe. Amazon Author page. Or you can subscribe to my newsletter to receive an email the day of every new release, be notified of cover reveals and competitions too. SUBSCRIBE


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