LOST SOUL Release Day

LOST SOUL – DarkWorld Book 2 has made it into reader’s hands at last. I had the most fun writing it and the most fun reading it too. And to be honest I’m very nervous because I enjoyed it so much I’m really worried about Last Chance and being able to write a book good enough to keep Lost Soul company. Kai was snarky and Logan was sexy, even Lily came out from under her moody-ass shell. Demon’s asses were kicked every which way and I had super fun writing it, action scenes and dialogue too.

I know I have to talk about delays and yes, Lost Soul was meant to release in November but I wasn’t well enough to edit it on time and then came Christmas and really, if you don’t take time to spend with your family what is the point of anything really. And trust me you guys want me to take care of this family ‘cos these are the people that make sure I am ok to write more of these books. I made a point of taking some time off although admittedly much of that time was spent being ill – I’ll try not to make it sound like its my favorite past-time okay.

Now, some good did come of the time off. New things are in the offing. Things as in books. Yes, a new series is in the making. It’s a DarkWorld Spin-off Series called the Soul Tracker Series – the first book is very unimaginatively named Soul Tracker – if you can come up with something more imaginative be my guest – post your suggestions in the comments and I will take them under advisement (seriously I will) This series is based on a new character who makes an appearance in the Lost Soul book so you will have to read Lost Soul to meet the Soul Tracker mwahaha! And be advised this series, as with the other DarkWorld books, is not Young Adult. They are for an older audience and contain older themes, more violence and more graphic themes.

So back to Lost Soul for now. LOST SOUL is on sale on AMAZON HERE for a discounted $3.99 until 5 FEB then it goes back to its normal price of $4.99 so go get it while its at its intro price.

Lost Soul Release Day Price Special 3-99

Isn’t it always fun with a party? Well we decided to have one over on our Facebook Page so come join us. There will be giveaways – swag and ebooks – so come see what’s happening.

Lost Soul Release Day Banner





Paperback to follow – see Blog/Website for details – estimated release Feb/Mar 2014

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