The Mind is a Weird Place

I’m editing Retribution (known in a previous life as Hell’s Angel). It was written years ago and is a story I loved to bits. One of my friends said it was her most favourite of all my books.
I’m a bit distracted, to be honest. I want to write, and editing isn’t my most funnest thing to do and part of me just wants to get this over with. But something happened that made me wonder at the strangeness of the writers mind.
Here I was, editing a scene in which Evie, the main character is talking to her gal pals and they are looking at this object (no spoilers!) and I’m thinking ‘Mmhhh, I think it would be really appropriate to describe the object as a viper ready to strike’. So I take this smart idea and write this pretty sentence. Then go happily on my way, editing the rest of the page.
Only to find two paragraphs later that I had described said object as a viper ready to spit!
Now, I hear you say, but of course, wasn’t it you who wrote the book in the first place? Duh. You would remember what you wrote. Er…. I’m not so sure. This book is 60k originally written in 2010.
And, I haven’t read this book since 2011 – that’s 3 years, and three, maybe five books ago?
So you could say that I have superb memory. (Haha)
I prefer to think that the mind is a very weird place.


4 thoughts on “The Mind is a Weird Place

    1. Hey Sudha – yup- hoping to release it sometime in the next few months 🙂 I’ll make an announcement once my editor and I make a more firm decision on timing – Tee

    1. I remember! We’ve talked about this before haven’t we? It is funny how that happens. It’s like your mind has already drawn a pattern for that book/scene and all you’re doing is following it.

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