PYROS (a DarkWorld Origins Short) coming soon

So, Blood & Gold is off to my amazing editor Cassie, and I feel kinda anticlimactic. Shouldn’t I be happy that baby is off to prepare for the big bad world? Maybe its that weightless feeling you get when something is done and off your desk? Even so it’s set me off-kilter a little.
I know what might help though – maybe I’ll get back to finishing off my short story PYROS (a DarkWorld Origins novel). This short is the origin story of sexy Fire Mage Logan Westin from Skin Deep.
Logan is the brooding hunk that steals Kailin Odel’s heart in SKIN DEEP. Even the fact that she’s a panther shifter and he’s plain old human couldn’t stop the sparks from flying between those two.
But Logan has his own little secrets, a history that weighs down on him, memories that seem to escape him. PYROS tells you where Logan comes from both in the origin of his powers and the source of his troubled mind.
And remember, Pyros MUST be read after reading SKIN DEEP because there are spoilers. So if you haven’t read Skin Deep yet go grab a copy HERE because Pyros is coming soon.
Now I get to spend some quality time with this super hot dude. Jealous? Too bad 😛
You’ll just have to wait until its released 😉
PYROS (A DarkWorld Origins Story) Releasing 30 July 2014


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