The next 6 months – ish!

So a number of people have been asking me what I have planned for the next few months and I decided I’d pop that all into a blog post – who knew how useful blogging can be?
Below you will see the plan and remember it’s all very -ish centered.

30 July 2014 – Pyros (DarkWorld Originals ) a short story – definite
30 Aug 2014 – Blood & Gold (Kali #2) – definite
30 Sep 2014 – Requiem (Irin #2) – definite
30 Oct 2014 – Last Chance (Skinwalker #3)
30 Nov 2014 – Dead Silence (Valkyrie #4)

all dates are tentative and some releases may be swapped around depending on the stage of writing/editing I find myself in. Anything marked ‘definite’ will be released in that order give or take a few days.
I also have the intention to work on the second SoulTracker book as well but that is hugely tentative and depends entirely on whether or not I meet my deadlines for LC and DS.
So hope that answers a few questions for you 🙂


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