Chrsitmas Eve Dinner

Hope everyone is having an amazing holiday season. For our little family, the holidays are quite special. Being far away from extended family on special occasions can be hard, which is why we have tried to create a special atmosphere, with our own special traditions.

Yes, we do presents too, just an excuse to spoil each other, of course.

And Christmas Eve dinner is special too. The glazed ham is something we look forward to for the whole year 🙂

So here it is.


Christmas Eve is usually a small affair for us, but I love to create a special atmosphere. Hence the table setting. Not as fancy as I’d like it but it will do 🙂


The only thing missing is the white stuff- ever since I was a kid I’ve wanted a White Christmas. Gotta put that in the ‘Maybe SomeDay’ pile.

Lasty, what’s playing? What better way to bring o the season’s jolly spirit than Michael Buble.


Hope you all are having a special time. Remember, everything in moderation, peeps.

Have a safe one.


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  1. Janey says:

    Where do you live that you haven’t had a white Christmas?


    1. Tee G Ayer says:

      Hey Janey,
      Originally I lived in Durban- South Africa, just hot african sunshine for Christmas. And now, I’m in New Zealand, more hot sunshine this time it’s island sun, South Pacific style 🙂


  2. habisha says:

    It looks very nice. We do a small Christmas Eve, just snacks and some sparkling fruit juice or a glass of wine. Yesterday (Christmas) was actually nice here on at the Oregon Coast and we went for a walk along the ocean. I’ve never done that on Christmas before. It was lovely.

    I hope next time I’m in the South Pacific, I get to come to your island and see you. It was too busy this last time. But I’ve promised myself another visit.


    1. Tee G Ayer says:

      Glad you had a good time. And I will hold you to that- I was pretty disappointed when you changed plans but I understand. Our time will come. Hugs. Tee


      1. habisha says:

        I was disappointed, too, but it became necessary. We are working on a longer-term visa and getting somewhat settled here. I miss “down under” every day and wish we could have come to see you. As I said, we are planning a trip back and already starting to save for it. If you ever come to the States, drop in and see me. Our time WILL come, for sure. Love, Deb


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