The Glam life of a Writer

I’ve written in coffee shops before, and each time was a interesting experience, but it wasn’t until I realised how much I’ve been lagging with my daily word count, that I decided to get out of the house and go somewhere that the internet is only available if you ask for it. And I’m the type of person who would go without the sugar if the waitress looked too busy/was ignoring me.

So last week I headed out to a coffee shop at our local mall, plonked myself on a soft seat (thankfully) and pulled out my ipad. I got in 2k in 3 hours, being a little distracted by my quickly decreasing iPad power (because yes, I hadn’t charged it fully, and no there was no convenient power socket.) It just seemed I wasn’t getting in the zone. But it was 3k that I would likely not have done at home (read that as would definitely not have done). And I got to have some not so great tea – looked good, didn’t taste so good. Maybe I prefer good old Sri Lankan tea courtesy of a lifetime of Five Roses Tea. At least they had gluten free cupcakes! That was a plus.


I tried again last Saturday, only visiting a different coffee shop this time, one attached to our local bookstore. The coffee here was fabulous, Foto below. The writing was awesome and I got in 3k in 3 hours which was likely because I managed to attach myself to the only available plug point. (well spotted) low stress environement! Starting off with a nice plate of pancakes certainly helped.


 Tried this out again this Monday and boom 4k in 3 hours. (Notice the wordcount increase??) Feels great. Wrote 6k in total that so so rocked.

So that was 20k in the space of 3 writing days which I still think is not good enough but hey, I know I can write faster. Still, I think I have found my new favourite thing to do, only problem I foresee is generating the funds to subsidise this new passion.


So I have finally made it – I am a total coffee shop writer – and proud of it!


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    1. habisha says:

      Hope you are feeling okay. I am sitting in a light-filled room that occasionally causes me issues with too much light. Otherwise, this is a pretty good space. Not a coffee shop, but I have a steaming cup of coffee nearby, so it’s all good.

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  1. habisha says:

    I can smell the coffee. I love writing at Starbucks or other coffee shops, with the smell of coffee and pastries in the air. And I love Five Roses Tea, too. I became acquainted with it as a child in Africa. There just isn’t anything else like it.

    I wrote a whole scene yesterday and now have to remove it. Oh well, it’s an easy fix. I just went the wrong direction with it, but had a good writing day anyway, and it was fun to write my detour even if I don’t get to keep it. I think writing detours are just as beneficial as the stuff we write and keep: we get to know something new about our characters which we might not have known, or ignored, if we hadn’t written that way. So I’m okay with it.

    Best luck with the writing going forward. Let us know how the coffee shop writing goes and if you find a favourite.


    1. Tee G Ayer says:

      Thanks hun – I will. I have a feeling heading off to write at the coffee shop is going to be a little bit of an obsession with 😉 Right now I’m writing in bed which has it’s moment but today isn’t as productive lol


  2. bsgtrust says:

    Whatever works for an author is ok in my world. Inspiration comes in the oddest places but should not be missed.

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  3. Re: ” (because yes, I hadn’t charged it fully, and no there was no convenient power socket.)”

    Check this:

    Problem solved.

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    1. Tee G Ayer says:

      Thanks so much Bill. Going to order mine now 🙂


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