A to Z Challenge – E is for Einherjar

As part of the A to Z Challenge for the month of April. I’m posting about my Valkyrie world. I will try to present elements of the world without being too spoilerific 😉

So today is the letter E which stands for Einherjar.

Within the world of the Valkyrie series I’ve used a number of different creatures. Bear in mind that I have taken a tiny bit of artistic licence in using the Norse mythological creatures in Bryn’s world.


Pronounced Ein (as in Mine) heR (as in Hair with the emphasis on a rolling R) YaR (as in Tar, again with an emphasis on a rolling R) Hopefully that makes sens.

Einherjar are the Warriors of Asgard who live in Valhalla and serve Odin. Essentialy they are dead warriors reborn (Norse Zombies anyone?) Only those who live a courageous life will be chosen to enter Valhalla. Warriors of old were collected on the battlefield, where Valkyries would come down from Asgard and search the fields of slain men, choosing only the courageous and brave to take with them to Valhalla.

In the Valkryies series, the goat Heidrun produces a special Mead that revitalises the warriors, healing wounds and broken bones and easing pain. They live in Valhalla which is a gigantic longhouse that can hold hundreds of thousands of warriors. It is magical in that an endless number of warriors can be housed withins its walls.

Also in the Valkyrie series, every few months the warrior goddess Freya comes to Asgard from Helheim where she lives.  According to an agreememnt between Odin and Freya, a ceremony is performed in which the warriors are divided into two groups, half going to Freya to be take to Hel, and the other half remaining in Asgard. In this way the two regiments of Asgard are able to grow and train together as separate powerful units.


In The Valkyries series I’ve given Bryn the power to see people glow. A stange power that confuses her for a lot of her life, she eventually realises that those glowing people die soon afterward. The glow is the way the Valkyries are able to identify the courageous living in order to allow her to prepare to take them to Valhalla after their burial. Also, in this series, people fram all walks of life, and both men and women, can become Einherjar.


Not a spoiler but more of a hint 😉

Also in the Valkyrie series, Bryn goes to Asgard thinking she is alone, but she soon finds out that she has more than one familiar face to keep her company in Odin’s realm.

So come back tomorrow for F is for Fenrir

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