A to Z Challenge – N is for Nidhogg

As part of the A to Z Challenge for the month of April. I’m posting about my Valkyrie world. I will try to present elements of the world without being too spoilerific 😉

So today is the letter which stands for Nidhogg


Within Norse mythology Nidhogg is the great dragon that lives beneath the Tree of Life – Yggrasil. He is responsible for keeping the worlds in balance. 

In the Valkyrie series I have changed the mythology slightly to make Nidhogg into a race of dragons whose duty lies with Odin entirely. 

Nidhogg in the Valkyrie series – SPOILERS

Steinn is the King of the Dragons or Nidhogg. He holds the remaining pices of Brisingamen and Loki sends Bryn to Muspellheim to in search of them. Although she fights and injures Steinn in their first encounter, he takes a liking to her, but also has other reasons to encourage her cooperation.
Steinn has a half-human child, Suri, who is powerful enough that she eventually joins Bryn’s team in the fight against Loki.

So come back tomorrow for O is for Odin
For the rest of the alphabet see below:

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The Valkyrie Novels – Norse Fantasy Series

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Dead Chaos

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