A to Z Challenge – R is for Ragnarok

As part of the A to Z Challenge for the month of April. I’m posting about my Valkyrie world. I will try to present elements of the world without being too spoilerific 😉

So today is the letter which stands for Ragnarok


In Norse mythology, Ragnarok is the end of days, a battle that is held on the Vigrid Plains in Jotunnheim, one in which many of the Aesir gods are killed, Odin in particular. After Ragnarok, a new world will begin, one with a new set of gods.


I have used the concept in the Valkyrie series pretty much unchanged except for the Vigrid Plains. Early on Bryn dreams of the plains, drenched in blood, and through the series she comes to believe that she will someday fight on the battlefield along with the gods, and maybe even die there.

So come back tomorrow for S is for Sigrun

For the rest of the alphabet see below:

A is for Armor |   B is for Blood  |  C is for Creatures  |  D is for Dwarfs  | E is for Einherjar  |  F is for Fenrir  | G is for Gungnir | H is for Huldra  |  I for Impossible  |  J for Jotunn  | K for Knowledge L is for Loki  | M is for Midgard and Muspellheim | N is for Nidhogg | O is for Odin | P is for Portal | Q is for Queen

The Valkyrie Novels – Norse Fantasy Series

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