A to Z Challenge – S is for Sigrun

So today is the letter which stands for Sigrun
The Valkyrie Sigrun – SPOILER

In Dead Radiance, Bryn is taken to Asgard by the Valkyrie Sigrun, a kind hearted, quiet, yet passionately loyal woman who has served Odin for centuries. She acts as Bryn’s guide to life in Asgard, while in turn learning more about the strange Midgardian ways.

She also happens to be the love interest of one of the hotter dudes in the series- but that’s another spoiler right?

Next up is T for Tarnkappe

For the rest of the alphabet see below:

A is for Armor |   B is for Blood  |  C is for Creatures  |  D is for Dwarfs  | E is for Einherjar  |  F is for Fenrir  | G is for Gungnir | H is for Huldra  |  I for Impossible  |  J for Jotunn  | K for Knowledge L is for Loki  | M is for Midgard and Muspellheim | N is for Nidhogg | O is for Odin | P is for Portal | Q is for Queen

The Valkyrie Novels – Norse Fantasy Series

Dead Radiance currently Free

Dead Embers

Dead Chaos

Dead Wrath

Dead Silence – Pre-Order


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