Keeping me Honest

Hey guys

It’s been a while and I am trying hard to catch up with things that I’ve totally let slide for the first half of 2015. I’ve managed to not hit all my goals so far (have hit some but meh!). In order to help myself keep moving forward and to help me (and anyone else out there that wants/needs motivation) I am going to state my daily goals or weekly goals depending on how I feel or of course what you want – if you post a question on where I am at I will answer 🙂

So for today:

Today’s to do list

  1. Write some Time & Fate (Kali 3) – 3k minimum
  2. Prep print layout for BC1 – yes I know this is delayed but was unavoidable.
  3. Proof 4 ch of #Audiobook for #SkinDeep

Will report back with achievements – you guys keep me honest 🙂


  1. Still no writing done 😦 Total fail
  2. Layout complete awaiting final check and upload
  3. 2 chapters audio-proofing done –  I might just meet that goal. Completed 3 ch

So some progress. But goals not met to satisfaction. Weekend I’m investigating graphic novels and having family time.

So just to recap:

2015 goals are:


  • Other Penname Bk2 – COMPLETED & Published
  • Other Panname Bk3 – Rebranded and awaiting publication
  • Mar – Dead Silence (Valkyrie 5) – COMPLETED & Published
  • Apr – Time & Fate (Kali 3) – WRITING NOW
  • Jun – Resonance (Irin 3)


  • Skin Deep – Proofing Now
  • Dead Embers – Upcoming
  • Dead Chaos – 2015 Cross-fingers
  • Lost Soul – 2015 Cross-fingers

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