Accounting programs don’t like me

Warning: Rant

What’s worse than having no voice, catching the flu, having to revamp your manuscript to a tight deadline, and having your taxes due in 9 days?
Spending 30 hours of fever-ridden, headache-infused time on inputting Chart of accounts, customers, suppliers, and bank statement,, and having the app constantly hang in the middle of reconciliation.

Before I even started I had to cancel the automatic download of the bank statements cos the app needed me to use a third party for credit cards – not happening.

Then I find out their Android app only gives you balances. You can’t enter transactions or reconcile anything.

And today, every click of the enter button ends with . . . nothing. The site cannot be reached because servers blah blah and more blah.

So yeah. It’s back to Excel spreadsheets, pivot tables and lever arch files. Serves me right for getting too big for my boots and trying actual accounting technology.
Note: I’m not about publicly denouncing companies so if you want to know which accounting app to avoid until they get their act together, PM me 🙂


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